Best Practices for Post a Job


Posting a job to hire an appropriate person is a usual scenario for all companies and agencies. But the question is, how many companies have their desire person on the desired post? Even the interview process is also not that easy. If the company cannot hire the proper person by internet, they have to go through the interview process. That’s why people should be concerned while they are post jobs on the internet. Following the best practice can minimize your interviewee to your desire persons. Let’s check what those best practices are.

Mention the responsibility

This is obvious that you will mention all the qualification you want. At the same time, you have to mention all the responsibilities that your employee should do. With that, add this line that “those who are not ready to do those responsibility should not apply here.” It may sound hard, but it will minimize both of you and the applicant hassle.

Don’t limit in age

I personally don’t like to see any age limitation on any job post. Because Skill is such of things that any aged people have, I saw some younger people have Skills that older people do not have. Even some overaged people have such type of spirit and experience what younger people does not have. So if you don’t value that talent instead of the age limit, it will be hard to have a great person for your job.

Give priority to Skill

Some old companies still giving priority to the academic background, which is not logical. This is true that academic result if a huge fact. But you do not need a good student in your company. It would help if you had someone who could work for your company. So Skill is the most important thing for you. Give priority to it.

Mention salary and benefit range

Some of company does not seem interested to mention the salary. This I don’t like. Instead, mention at least a salary range. This will help both of you to negotiate. Both of you and your employee will have a chance to talk here. At the same time, clear which benefit you’re reasonably able to provide to your employee.

Next time, I hope you will not copy others’ job circulars to post a job for your company. Instead, make a job circular for your favor, and mention all the necessary things there. If possible, keep some tasks on the circular. Try to niche people on the favor on your company. Remember, a good employee is a massive asset for a company. I hope you will have your desire employee soon.


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