Best Software To Edit YouTube Videos

Best Software To Edit YouTube Videos
Best Software To Edit YouTube Videos

Who does not use YouTube? Undoubtedly, YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on the world wide web. A report from Statista revealed that the number of YouTube users across the world in the year 2019 is 1.68 billion and the numbers are expected to rise every year.

Suppose you are a creator or marketer who wants to create and upload engaging content. It becomes essential to organize the raw footage before releasing it on a platform, and for it, the YouTube video editor can be highly helpful. This article is all about choosing a perfect YouTube video editor and has recommended the ten best software to edit your YouTube videos. 

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What To Look For Before Choosing A YouTube Video Editor 

Here are the essential factors you need to look at before choosing a perfect video editor for your YouTube journey. However, the first thing everyone considers is the price of the tool. There are a plethora of substitutes for the paid tools. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg if there are no requirements for such rich-feature tools. 

The second most important thing that everyone should pay attention to is the user experience of the tool. However, every tool requires some time to learn. But if you are struggling to use the tool even after lots of practice and watching YouTube tutorials, it is not for you.

One more thing every editor should look at before choosing a YouTube video editor is the advanced editing features. Every creator wants that their level of content should go up, and that improvising in video production and editing is a must. 

Last but not least, customer service is the most critical factor to look at. Make sure that the YouTube video editor you are about to choose has positive customer reviews. 

10 Best Software To Edit YouTube Videos

Here is the complete list of the top 10 best software to edit YouTube videos. 

  • Shotcut

It is one of the best video editing software that you can use irrespective of the operating system. The interface of the tool is a bit tough to understand because it is highly beneficial to edit YouTube videos. It can be used on any platform including Mac, Windows and Linux. 


  • Variety of filters and modifying options.
  • Compatible to configure on various monitors.


  • You cannot preview filters.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe premiere pro CC is the most popular video editing software. It allows users to use a unique set of features to edit your YouTube videos. The software is available for various operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and IOS. 


  • Tons of features and plugins.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Can be integrated with various Adobe software.


  • The cost of an official license is high.

  • InVideo

As we have mentioned earlier that UX and features are the most critical factors for choosing the best YouTube video editor. InVideo has all these characteristics. It is an excellent tool to create engaging and high-quality YouTube videos. 


  • Has excellent presentation features.
  • Video stabilization.


  • Your internet should be stable to use this app.

Apple iMovie

If you want a simple video editing tool that can add elegance to your videos, iMovie is an ideal choice for you. It is the widely used video editor for macOS, iOS, and iPad users. 


  • UX is excellent.
  • Support 4k videos.


  • Fewer features for motion tracking


If you are a blogger, sound engineer, Youtuber, or camera operator and looking for a free yet excellent video editor, Lightworks is the perfect video editing software for you. 


  • Omnichannel support.
  • 3D video processing.


  • Tough interface

Final Cut Pro X

It is one more video editing application for particular Mac OS users. Final Cut Pro X differs from the iMovies in terms of features. You can select from a wide range of effects such as audit, video, transitions, etc. 


  • It allows you to preview the features
  • Format Flexibility


  • Price is too high.

HitFilm Express

The HitFilm Express is an extraordinary tool for those who want a compelling feature for video editing. It allows users to use a plethora of built-in templates in their videos to make it more appealing. 


  • Intuitive features.
  • Best for Windows and Mac users.


  • The export speed is low.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The app is specifically for Youtuber and Bloggers. 


  • Easy and Quick to edit.
  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Useful characteristics for sound editing.


  • Not for Pro users.


Filmora is one of the alternatives to Windows Movie Maker. The software has a lot to offer; you can manage videos very easily. 


  • Easy to use.
  • 4K supportable.


  • You have to move to the pro version if you don’t want a watermark on your videos.


If your work is related to 3D models or wants to introduce 3D graphics into your videos, Blender is the perfect video editing software. The software is well-known among beginners as well as professional 3D modellers. 


  • Cost-effective.
  • Live preview.


  • Some problems with audio/video synchronization.


It is essential to know your requirements and expectations before you choose any YouTube video editor. If your video content requires simple editing such as cutting and adding captions, wasting money on a professional tool does not make sense.