Bodyweight Exercise Routine: How to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Bodyweight Exercise Routine: How to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Did you know that having a daily bodyweight exercise routine is highly effective for losing weight?

Bodyweight exercises are some of the easiest for beginners because they can be done from home. When using things like bands and dip bars, you can continue making progress with them after getting accustomed.

To help you get started, we’ll outline several exercises you can do. In no time, you’ll be losing more weight than you would with only a strict diet.

Here’s how to lose weight with a bodyweight exercise routine!

Cardio Exercises

When it comes to losing weight, some of the most effective exercises involve a ton of cardio. These exercises are known for increasing the heart rate, which requires your body to work harder to regulate everything.

Some common cardio exercises include running, jumping jacks, suicides, mountain climbers, and burpees. When putting together a home exercise routine, it’s best to combine several of these exercises. However, something like running can be done by itself, though you can use other exercises to warm up.

Strength Exercises

While many people use bodyweight exercise routines to focus on weight loss, they can also be effective for building strength. Not only will you get stronger, but your body will look better and you can avoid loose skin if you have a lot of weight to lose.

In your weekly exercise routine, you can include strength-focused workouts to let you recover from cardio. Pushups, squats, lunges, planks, and tricep dips can all be done without any equipment.

Similar to cardio exercises, these will help you lose weight. Before you start losing a lot of weight, incorporate these to avoid losing muscle.

Choosing Exercise Routines

Choosing a daily exercise routine can seem difficult if you’ve never worked out. One mistake that many people make is picking a strenuous routine they can’t stick to. Instead of doing this, you should start with simple workouts to get used to being active.

Fortunately, anyone can do bodyweight exercises because they don’t require going to a gym. If you implement simple cardio, such as running a mile 2-3 times a week, you can eventually go longer.

While cardio will be the best for weight loss, don’t hesitate to implement strength training. Being well-rounded will make it much easier to transition into other exercises.

Those that have at-home gyms can also take advantage of any equipment they have. If you check out a fitness equipment repair service, you can restore anything so you can have more effective workouts after doing bodyweight exercises.

Start Building a Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Coming up with a bodyweight exercise routine doesn’t have to be difficult. All you must do is start with a few things so you avoid getting burned out.

If you’re currently inactive, we encourage you to implement bodyweight training as soon as possible. It’s easy to do and won’t require you to buy anything!

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