Botox Vs. Dysport

Botox Vs. Dysport

Many patients with fine lines and wrinkles seek a solution to rejuvenate and restore skin volume. Physicians recommend many treatment plans to patients with these skin concerns, including injectable cosmetic procedures like Botox/Dysport Cinco Ranch, which are effective against wrinkled skin on the face and forehead.

There are many controversies against these cosmetic procedures. However, patients should not worry about adverse effects upon administering high doses of these drugs. Physicians usually require small amounts of these neurotoxins to block muscle contraction, effectively eliminating wrinkles.

The main benefit of undergoing disport and botox is the faster recovery time associated with both treatments. Your doctor will recommend that you resume duties a few days after the procedure when swelling and bruising have stopped.

Understanding Botox and Dysport

Dysport and botox are cosmetic treatments involving neurotoxin injections for muscle relaxations and thus temporary reduction of wrinkles. The resulting outcomes include smooth, youthful skin.

These two treatments share the main ingredient but vary in trace proteins, which physicians leverage for different skin concerns. You will not spend a lot of time in the hospital because injecting the neurotoxins is straightforward. Most patients receive hospital discharge immediately after the injections unless side effects occur for a physician to recommend a hospital stay for further monitoring.

What is Dysport?

The area between the eyebrows, the glabella, is vulnerable to wrinkling. Patients may benefit from a Dysport procedure that targets this face area. The more you frown and squint, the more noticeable your glabella lines and night make you look older. Physicians usually recommend Dysport as a potential treatment option for patients with severe glabella lines.

Dysport is a straightforward procedure that begins with an initial consultation to determine treatment candidacy. Your doctor will then proceed with this treatment by applying an anesthetic to the treatment site before making an injection around the eyebrows and forehead.

What is botox?

Botox has FDA approval as an effective treatment against glabella lines, forehead lines, and fine lines around the eyes. It is the main difference from Dysport, which only treats glabella lines. What to expect during a botox session is similar to what happens during Dysport treatment. Physicians usually inject a specific number of units depending on the treatment site and a patient’s desired results.

Which treatment is most effective?

The most significant benefit of cosmetic injections over the traditional surgical approach is the minimal recovery and faster results. Patients report noticing a change in their skin after a few days. After the treatment, you will likely have swelling and slight bruising. Your doctor will ask you to wait a few days for the side effects to heal for you to see the full results of your treatment. The Dysport procedure shows results after about two days, whereas patients can wait up to a week to see the results of their botox procedure.

Moreover, the effects of Dysport may last up to five months, while botox results can last half a year. You may need additional injections of both treatments to maintain the effects. Contact Elite Dermatology to determine which cosmetic injection procedures are available for your skin concerns.