But First Coffee: 5 Fun Coffee Facts You Never Knew

But First Coffee: 5 Fun Coffee Facts You Never Knew

Did you know that Creme Puff the oldest cat ever (1967 to 2005) drank a daily cup of coffee with heavy cream? This cat loved her cup of joe and lived a long life.

Coffee has a long and storied history with many fun facts. So sit back with your daily cup of coffee and kick off your day with these fun coffee facts that will have you going, “hmmm, I never knew that.”

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One: The Discovery of Coffee

Coffee has been around since at least 800 AD. However, did you know that legend says that coffee got discovered by a goat? Well, really it was the goat herder.

The goat herder named Kaldi noticed that his goats would eat berries from a certain tree and afterward these goats would not want to sleep. Goats hopped up on caffeine could be interesting to see.

Kaldi told the local monasteries abbot what he had noticed. The abbot used the berries to make himself a drink and noticed he was able to stay alert through his long hours of evening prayer.

This was then shared with the other monks and coffee was born.

Two: An Attempt to Ban Coffee

This one will have those who cannot start the day without a cup of coffee ready to riot. Throughout history, there have been multiple attempts to ban coffee.

In 1511, in Mecca, it actually got banned. The governor was worried that coffee would unite people, a good cup of coffee does have power. He believed coffee would do this by stimulating radical thinking and encouraging people to gather.

Attempts to ban coffee have also been made in Italy, Constantinople, Sweden, and Prussia. Some of these countries have even had penalties such as a beating for the first offense and being sewn into a leather bag and thrown into the river for the second offense.

One country even used coffee as a punishment and would force criminals to drink coffee until they died while doctors monitored them.

Three: Where Did the Caffeine Go?

Here is another coffee fact for those who love a cup of decaf coffee (why??). Coffee Beans have to go through a whole process to have the caffeine from them removed.

After this process gets completed the caffeine that gets removed gets sent for refinement. Once this caffeine is refined it gets sent to beverage companies, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The caffeine gets mixed into their drinks.

Four: Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Did you know that drinking coffee can help you live longer? Individuals who drink three to four cups of coffee a day have a longer life span.

There are many health benefits to coffee when consumed in the right amounts. These benefits even include things such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and reducing the risk of type two diabetes.

Five: Fueled by Coffee

Talk about alternative energy, there is a car that runs off of coffee. This car has been dubbed the “car-puccino.” This car was designed to run off only residual coffee grounds.

Fun Coffee Facts for Your Day

As you kick off your day with these fun coffee facts and a cup of coffee, go forth energized!

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