5 Common Car Accident Injuries to Avoid

5 Common Car Accident Injuries to Avoid
5 Common Car Accident Injuries to Avoid

5 Common Car Accident Injuries to Avoid: There are around six million car accidents in the U.S every year.

Whether it’s a distracted driver or speeding, many Americans suffer from car accident injuries that often need medical attention. But it’s possible to avoid these car accident injuries so you stay safe on the roads.

Not sure what they are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five injuries to avoid.


1. Whiplash

After getting in a car accident, victims may experience whiplash where the neck is jolted back-and-forth and the tendons are stretched. Common symptoms include a stiff neck, pain, and headaches.

You often feel whiplash a day or two after the accident and the discomfort can last for months.


2. Bruising

One of the most common car crash injuries is bruising, even if it’s a minor accident. For instance, you could slam into your seat belt, and although it protects you from serious harm, it may leave behind bruises.

You may also suffer lacerations when a foreign object tears the skin or a bone punctures through it. If this happens and you need a car accident lawyer, then check it out to learn more.


3. Concussions

During a collision, you may smack your head against the steering wheel, dashboard, or the back of the seat. As a result, you could suffer a concussion where you have problems with your memory or your brain doesn’t feel like it’s functioning as usual.

You must get immediate treatment to ensure there isn’t long-term damage.


4. Broken Bones 

If you’re unsure about auto accident injuries, know that broken bones are common. In the crash, you may hit part of the car which puts your bones under stress that it can’t withstand. For instance, your legs could break because of the impact of the car wreck.

Although many aren’t life-threatening, you may need surgery to re-set the bone and undergo a recovery period.


5. Psychological Injuries

Aside from physical common accident injuries, victims may also experience psychological problems.

Car accidents are traumatic so many people suffer from heightened anxiety and flashbacks. Others may experience deep depression, especially if they were driving and other passengers were injured or killed.

As a result, you may not want to drive after the accident, be hypersensitive to sounds associated with the collision, or have recurring nightmares. Victims feeling this way must seek professional help so they can undergo behavioural and cognitive therapy.

If left untreated, the psychological problems could become chronic and affect the victim’s daily life.


Common Car Accident Injuries to Avoid

Now you know the most common car accident injuries.

You can suffer from whiplash, bruising, and broken bones which need medical attention. You must also seek immediate help if you have a concussion as it could cause life-long problems. Regardless of the severity, seek legal advice to see where you stand.

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