Carpet Questions: Is It Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Carpet Questions: Is It Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Your carpet is a part of the overall aesthetic of your home, so keeping it clean is a must. You can always freshen your carpets by vacuuming on a regular basis. But with so many homemade tools out there for cleaning carpets, what’s the purpose of getting your carpets professionally cleaned?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that professional carpet cleaning provides better results than if you were to do it yourself. Here are a few reasons why you should let the experts clean your floors.

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With all of the walking and maneuvering over your carpets, they’re prone to wear and tear. But if you want to extend their life, then the professional carpet cleaning can help. Usually, carpet can last between 10 to 15 years—if it’s taken care of.

However, the neglected carpet will probably need replacing within 5 years.

Better Health

Believe it or not, getting your carpets professionally cleaned is also good for your health. There are tons of bacteria, dust, and allergens that get caught in carpet fibers. Over time, it builds up and the elements fill the air in your home.

But by regularly cleaning your carpets, ensures that your household is bringing in clean, safe air.

Reduces the Risk of Ruining Your Carpet

These days, everything is about DIY and homemade tips and tricks. However, if you try to clean your carpets yourself, you could potentially ruin them. There are various types of carpet fibers that require different cleaning methods.

If you don’t understand exactly how to treat your specific carpet, you could use the wrong shampoo or the improper water temperature. By allowing the experts to clean your carpet, you can ensure that they’ll be left in pristine condition.


After professional carpet cleaning, your floors will look amazing. Not only will they look fresh, but they’ll continue to look good over time. Expert cleanings allow you to maintain the appearance of your floors for the long haul.

Let’s say, you call in the carpet cleaners every quarter. In between those sessions, it’ll be easier for you to upkeep your carpets and keep their appearance flawless.

If you own pets or have small children, then you understand that keeping your floors clean is a bit difficult. There may be dirt, juice stains, or pet hair clogged into the fibers. Those types of elements don’t come out easily—at least not without professional help.

So instead of stressing yourself and trying to maintain your floors on your own, let the experts help you out.

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is something you should aim to do at least twice a year. In high-traffic areas, your carpet can really take a beating. Be sure to give it a little TLC.

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