Chocolate Doughnut

Chocolate Donut Recipe

Chocolate Doughnut is popular among desserts found in restaurants and bakeries. If you get a doughnut at the chat or coffee break, it is freezing. It has many flavors, such as orange, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, caramel and many more! Each one has different choices. But it’s hard to find people who don’t like chocolate flabbier. This is nothing but difficult to make if you want to make fun of Chocolate Doughnut at home. Plus it’s perfect for baby tiffins. Let’s see the whole recipe for this homemade doughnut.

Chocolate Doughnut Recipe

Chocolate Donut


  • Flour- 3 cups
  • Melt butter – 3 grams
  • Sugar – 3 grams
  • Eggs – 2
  • Salt- slightly
  • East- 3 teaspoons
  • Milk – 1/2 cup
  • Dense chocolate sauce or syrup – in quantity
  • Sweet ball – for sorting
  • Oil – for frying

Ready process

Chocolate Donut

  1. Heat the milk lightly and cover it with a little salt, sugar, and East. Only 20 minutes.
  2. Now, in another large bowl, mix well with flour and butter and mix it well with East mixture.
  3. Cover the mixture for 3 hours and notice that it is quite swollen.
  4. Now sprinkle the yeast in the flour and roll it into small sand-like bread. Cut or cut around with a cap of any bottle.
  5. Then fry the donuts in submerged oil, reduce it to a light color.
  6. When the donuts are a little cold, dip in a thick chocolate sauce and serve to sprinkle the sweet balls. If left in the refrigerator, the chocolate sauce will set.

Diameter, fun chocolate doughnut ready to serve! You see, how easily this delicious dessert can be made with just a few ingredients. In making donuts, you need to be careful about garnishing because it is beautiful to look at, but it is a pleasure to eat. Adjust donuts and loved ones to your liking.