Class 10 Science: How To Top Your Exams

Class 10 Science: How To Top Your Exams

Science is seen as a high-scoring subject, similar to mathematics. However, if your syllabus topics aren’t sufficiently clear, scoring well in the subject in the CBSE class 10 examination may appear tough.   For the upcoming CBSE Class 10 Science exam, here are your finest revision and exam-hall suggestions.

A quick assessment of what you can do to prepare for your class 10 Science board exam will indicate that your preparation is considerably less tough than you previously imagined. While studying for the Class 10 Science Board exam, don’t forget to look at the CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Years’ Question Papers. Let’s have a look at the study strategy needed to conquer the Class 12 Board examinations without further ado:

Table of Contents

Tips and recommendations for each section

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three parts of the CBSE class 10 Science paper. The techniques you should use for each part are listed below.


  • To answer numerical problems, you must grasp theorems and formulas and concentrate on the conceptual understanding and application of learned formulae while solving questions.
  • Diagrams are regarded as high-scoring and one of the most crucial parts of Class 10 Science exam. Furthermore, they will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the essential concepts. As a result, practice diagrams from time to time. 


  • Make brief notes or lists for formulas and compound names when revising.
  • Make sure you memorize all of the chemical names and formulae.


  • Practice the diagrams from the syllabus on a regular basis and ensure that they’re tidy and well labeled. 
  • Pay careful attention to the chapters on life processes as this is the chapter where many students make mistakes and it is highly important from an examination perspective.

Exam-hall techniques that can help you fetch more marks- 

When it comes to doing well on any exam, presentation is just as important as flawless and clear answers. Here are some pointers to remember while attempting the Class 10 Science exam:

  • Use points, headings, sub-headings, and bullets to answer a long answer question. Highlight or at the very least underline the relevant points and key terms used.
  • Use diagrams, tables, and charts to support your lengthy responses (5 markers). This will make your answer sheet more appealing to the examiner and will help you score good marks too. 
  • Leave a sufficient amount of space between two consecutive answers so that your answer sheet appears well organized and structured. 

Detailed Strategy and tips to prepare for Class 10 Science- 

  1. Appreciate the importance of the Class 10 NCERT Science textbook.

If you ask your seniors who have excelled in class 12 board exams, they will almost certainly tell you that the NCERT books they obtained from school were the ones they used and learned the most. You should read and study each chapter in your textbook thoroughly. Practice all of the numerical and supplemental problems once you’ve finished each chapter of your textbook. Similar questions were posed many times during the exam. Check to see whether you have an excessive number of guidebooks on your shelf. A single standard guide is far from sufficient. On several online sites, you can easily access short and application-level questions to enhance your Science exam preparation. 

  1. Always read through the previous year’s questions before taking your class 10 Science board examination.

Practicing from the previous ten years’ Class 10 Science Board question papers has always shown to be a winning formula for the Science exams. CBSE  regularly asks the same or similar questions in the Class 10 Science exam. Set a schedule to finish these question papers without delay.

  1. Create an action plan that is both realistic and personalized.

In order to construct a typical plan of action, you will need to do some research. If you hear the term “research,” don’t be scared. Make a summary covering all of the subject areas that have come up in previous years’ board exams.

For each Class 10 Science portion, list the themes in order of importance. Based on the importance of each topic, set aside a particular amount of time for it.

Make it a point to finish your curriculum at least once, at least four months before your Class 10 Science board examination. 

  1. Take the sample exam papers provided by your school very seriously.

The majority of pupils do a massive blunder by seeing sample test papers as merely another exam that does not require significant attention. The main goal of having these practice test papers at school is to prepare you for the final Class 10 Science Board examination. After a comprehensive analysis of the normal exam format and questions, your instructors will design the questions for these test papers. As a consequence, you should properly prepare for these assessments, as scoring well on these exams will help you win half of the game.

You may then create a graph of your performances, starting with your first sample test paper. To put it another way, you will be able to see what you have been doing and what you need to work more upon by looking at this graph. Always remember to raise the bar on your efficiency.

  1. The Importance of Handwriting

You might be surprised to find that, contrary to common perception, good and clear handwriting is essential for getting good results on your class 10 Science board exams. To draw the examiner’s attention to your work and encourage her to award you extra points, make sure your handwriting is neat and legible. In the Science Board examination, you should additionally emphasize and highlight the significant terminology and topics in your answer sheet.

  1. Time Management

It is an indisputable fact that if you do not manage your time well throughout the exam, all of your efforts will be for naught. This is an issue that many pupils face. They go into the examination believing they have unlimited time, only to discover themselves unable to answer the highest marks weightage questions.  Remember that you only have three hours to finish your Class 10 Science Board examination.  Start with the questions with the maximum marks and work down to the 1 and 2 marker questions.

You will undoubtedly succeed in the Class 10 Science Board Examination if you follow the study recommendations given above diligently and sincerely. Best regards!