Codesphere announces first consumerized cloud platform for open development / Tech VC 468 Capital is lead investor

Codesphere announces first consumerized
Codesphere announces first consumerized

● Codesphere receives $ 500.000 funding led by Tech VC 468 Capital
● Proceeds from the funding round will be used to further progress the product
and expand the core team

Karlsruhe – Codesphere, a deep tech startup providing a holistic developer experience,
today announced that it has closed $500.000 in seed funding. The financing round is led by
tech investor 468 Capital. New Forge, Ben Uretsky, and Solaria Capital participate as new

Codesphere was founded in 2020 by Elias Groll, Christian Siemoneit, and Jonas Zipprick,
bringing together their deep expertise from programming and business development. The
company is now entering a multi-billion dollar market with its unique solution: Codesphere
provides the first consumerized cloud platform for open development – a collaborative and
interconnected programming environment, integrated with infrastructure as a service. “Up
until now, it is hard for developers to set up a smooth, efficient and cost-effective
development infrastructure. With Codesphere, we are here to change that”, says Christian
Simone, co-founder of Codesphere. The product will go live in early 2021.

“Working at Google as a Software Engineer, I have experienced the power of collaborative
coding within a joint development environment. With Codesphere, we will unleash this
potential for freelancers, project teams and startups, providing them with a full system that
doesn’t need any additional configurational setup. Codesphere offers a set of bootstrap
projects, reusable web components, and services to enable developers to get started with a
new project immediately”, says Elias Groll, co-founder of Codesphere.
“Codesphere provides nothing less than a holistic ‘back-office’ for developers. You get
access to codes and relevant resources without having to switch between programs, tools
and providers. And because Codesphere runs cloud-based, you can access and save your
work from anywhere in the world, while profiting from leveraged computing power”, adds
Jonas Zipprick, co-founder of Codesphere. “Codesphere will facilitate software development
substantially, allowing freelancers, teams, and corporations to save a lot of time and money”.

With the proceeds from the funding, Codesphere will further progress in the development of
the product and expand the core development team. Additional investments will be made to
build up the customer base. “After having completed the prototype phase successfully, we
are now looking forward to bringing Codesphere to the market”, says Christian Siemoneit.

Elias, Christian, and Jonas have deep expertise in programming and business development.
Christian is an experienced early-stage investor and entrepreneur, educated at Goethe
University in Frankfurt. He – as an investor, advisor and board member – has taken
responsibility for finance and business development in various tech startups such as
Vectornator (Linearity), where he met Elias, who developed backend features after his
studies at the KIT and prior to becoming a Software Engineer at Google. Jonas is a
schoolmate of Elias and also a student of Computer Science at the KIT.

“Software development nowadays comes with increasing complexity and it is so much
work for even getting simple things done. Tens of billions of dollars are spent on public
clouds for highly complex solutions every year and too many people ignore that it will be
a simplification that will really unleash productivity at scale. Codesphere will thrive the
productivity of every developer.” says Ben Uretsky, Co-Founder of Digital Ocean.

Florian Leibert, co-founder and partner at 468 Capital says: “True tech innovation always
starts with a great idea. Codesphere will provide a key enabling technology that contributes
to bringing great ideas to life. We are inspired by this vision and see great global market
potential for the product. As an investor specializing in tech, we were also impressed by the
deep tech expertise of the founding team. 468 is proud to support Codesphere on their
promising journey from the early beginning.”

Other well-known tech experts are fully committed to the founding team: Mirko Novakovic,
San Francisco, CEO of Instana, via New Forge and Ben Uretsky, New York, Co-Founder,
former CEO and now Board Member at Digital Ocean.

About Codesphere

Codesphere was founded by Elias Groll, Christian Siemoneit, and Jonas Zipprick in 2020
and is managed completely remotely. The founding team combines deep expertise from the
field of software and business development. Codesphere offers the first consumerized cloud
platform for open development. By providing a set of bootstrap projects, reusable web
components, and services, the company enables freelancers, smaller teams, and companies
to set up and maintain development projects without any configuration – making software
development faster, easier, and less expensive.

About 468 Capital

468 Capital is a venture capital investor focusing on European tech companies. Founded in
2020 by Alexander Kudlich, Florian Leibert and Ludwig Ensthaler, 468 Capital invests in
pre-seed and early growth phases of a company. The main focus areas of investment are AI
& Automation, Open Source Software, Productivity and Marketplaces. 468 Capital offers
portfolio companies not only financial resources but also strategic support as well as access
to US growth funds. 468 Capital manages a fund of € 170 Million.

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Codesphere announces first consumerized

Codesphere Co-Founders: Christian Siemoneit, Jonas Zipprick, and Elias Groll