Common Glaucoma Treatment

Common Glaucoma Treatment

A good vision is very crucial in our lives. Imagine an eye situation that can make you fail to do your daily chores. Glaucoma Is one of the eye conditions affecting many people nowadays. Many people assume glaucoma and do not visit the hospital until the condition worsens. It may cause eye pain, headache, blurred vision, and tenderness of the eyes. However, if you are suffering from New Smyrna Beach glaucoma, seek medical advice before the condition worsens. The following are the common treatments for glaucoma.


The procedure removes the production of excess fluid in the eyes. The fluid affects the eyes, which might lead to blindness. It reduces the production of fluids in the eyes by reducing eye pressure. It includes timoptic, istalol, and betimol. It has side effects that might lead to difficulty breathing and lowering blood pressure. A physician may help you with the prescription of the drug, depending on your body condition. It is advisable to use the drugs as prescribed by the physician.

Cholinergic agents or miotic

It causes the outflow of fluids that arises from your eyes. However, there might be side effects. The side effects include severe headaches or blurred vision. If not treated early, the blurred vision might lead to permanent blindness in the long run. Treatment like pilocarpine might be used up to four times per day. A doctor advises you on the proper usage of the drugs depending on the body’s conditions.

Carbonic inhibitors

This kind of medicine produces fluids in the eyes, which might cause glaucoma. There are various types of medicines like dopamine and adopt. Frequent urination might occur if the condition is not well treated. Tingling of the fingers and the toes might also occur. The drugs might be administered by a physician twice or thrice daily, depending on the condition. However, the drugs must be prescribed by a physician for proper functioning.

Minimally invasive therapy

A doctor might suggest surgery to treat your condition if it worsens. The surgery has minimal complications if conducted well. Sometimes it is combined with cataract surgery for better results. There are several procedures to conduct the therapy. However, the physician advises a patient on the proper procedure depending on the body’s condition. The doctor may also advise on body checkups to ensure your body condition is at par.


Surgery is one of the ways to treat glaucoma. It helps in the reduction of eye pressure. It is more effective compared to lasers or drops. It can also help reduce eye loss which might lead to blindness. Depending on the patient’s condition, the doctor advises the patient on the best type of surgery. Doctors choose many types of surgeries to suit a patient’s condition.

Glaucoma affects the optic nerves of the eyes. Do not wait until the condition worsens. If not treated on time, it might cause blindness. The above treatment might help in restoring your normal body condition. The condition affects mostly older adults, although children may get the condition. Getting regular eye checkups is advisable to check your eye condition.