Common Myths That You Should Stop Believing About Gastric Balloon

Common Myths That You Should Stop Believing About Gastric Balloon

Losing weight is not always an easy journey. It requires commitment which is a missing virtue for some people. Dietary changes and exercises can help you cut some of your extra pounds. However, these lifestyle modifications do not always work for everyone. Individuals who do not notice changes often get frustrated and sometimes abandon the weight loss program. If you have been struggling to lose weight, gastric balloon Rockville can help you achieve healthy weight ranges. While this weight loss option has become prevalent recently, people continue to misunderstand it. Therefore, going through the reality behind the following gastric balloon myths will enlighten your world on this option.

Gastric Balloon Requires Surgery

Many people believe that this weight loss service requires surgery for insertion. However, the reality is that you do not have to undergo any incision for you to benefit from this gastric balloon. Although the insertion method may vary, you usually swallow a unique capsule. Other balloon systems will need endoscopic insertion using a special tube without removing any part of your stomach.

The Gastric Balloon Will Last Forever

You may think the balloon will remain in your stomach forever after insertion, but you are mistaken. The truth is that these unique balloons are reversible and only stay in the stomach for a certain period. The main aim of this weight loss system is to help you control the meal portion you consume since the balloon takes up space in your stomach. Consequently, you will develop long-term eating habits after the specialist removes the balloon.

This Weight Loss Option Works Like Exercise and Diet

Some individuals are reluctant to seek gastric balloons claiming that it is replaceable by diet and exercise. Although physical activities and dietary adjustments are the basis of weight loss, the gastric balloon will take your weight loss outcomes to the next level. For instance, the Orbera balloon can help you cut down three times as many pounds as diet and exercise. On average, you may realize a weight loss of up to fifteen percent in the first six months.

You Only Need a Liquid Diet

The question of food choices after gastric balloon insertion has lingered for years. Many people claim that you only take liquid meals. However, the reality is that a gastric balloon does not limit you to liquid meals. Your specialist will advise you to focus on a nutritious diet without guessing your needed nutrients. Also, you can lean on the nutritional supplements essential for your weight loss regime.

The Removal of the Gastric Balloon Is Complicated

You may think removing this special balloon from your stomach is hard, but you are mistaken. On average, removing the balloon using the endoscopic device will only take twenty minutes. The specialist will administer sedative products to keep you calm during the procedure. Your specialist will first alleviate the saline solution from the balloon. After deflation, the provider will remove the balloon with an endoscope through your mouth.

Have you tried dietary changes and exercises to lose weight without bearing fruits? Worry no more since gastric balloon services have your back. This weight loss option helps you to eat the correct meal proportion, thus shedding off an extra pound. You should clear the air using the above-busted myths when seeking this weight loss option. If you think gastric balloon services involve an incision, you will learn that they are non-surgical. You will also understand that you are not limited to liquid meals after gastric balloon insertion.