Common Treatments for Work Injuries

Common Treatments for Work Injuries

Work injuries have become increasingly common as the workplace grows more and more hazardous. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you find yourself in an accident that could have been prevented, but it is essential to remember that you are not alone in this journey. The road to recovery can be a lengthy process, but many resources are available to help you through the difficulties ahead. Many people feel alone when they are injured at work, but others have gone through the same injuries and come out victorious. If you have suffered a work injury, you need to visit a medical practitioner offering treatment for your type of work injury in Woodbury. Here are some treatments they may recommend.

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a widely-used treatment for work injuries. A physical therapist will likely start by asking you to perform specific exercises and stretches to help improve the strength of your muscles and bones. You can perform these exercises and stretches on your own or with the guidance of a physical therapist at your local clinic. The ultimate goal of these exercises is to improve your range of motion and manage your pain levels.

2. Medication

It is always better to treat work injuries with medication rather than simply relying on alternative treatments such as physical therapy alone. You can use drugs in conjunction with exercises for an extra boost in recovery speed. Your doctor will likely recommend medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to manage your pain levels and help you remain comfortable throughout the recovery process. 

3. Steroid Injections

Steroid injections offer a fast way to reduce pain and swelling. While they may not be as effective as surgery, they provide an excellent alternative when recovering from a work injury. Steroid injections can be used for several things, such as reducing pain levels after an accident or helping reduce inflammation caused by torn ligaments.

4. Radiofrequency Ablation

Sometimes, chronic pain can be caused by damaged or inflamed nerve endings. When this happens, your best option is to visit a medical professional who offers several treatments for work injuries. One of these treatments is known as radiofrequency ablation. Radiofrequency ablation burns the affected nerve endings to encourage their regrowth in new areas that do not cause pain. This process is most effective when used on nerves that a work injury has damaged, but it also works well for people who suffer from chronic back pain or other forms of chronic pain.

5. Neurostimulation

If you have a work injury that results in chronic pain, your best option may be to try a form of neurostimulation. Neurostimulation uses electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings and encourage new pathways. This process is known as neuromodulation, and it can produce excellent results for people who suffer from chronic pains such as sciatica.

In summary, work injuries can be challenging, but there is usually more than one treatment option available. If you suffer from a work injury and would like to try physical therapy or medication, visit a medical professional in your area who offers treatments for work injuries. Some other therapies include steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, and neuromodulation.