Top 3 Factors To Consider For Buying A Mouse

Top 3 Factors To Consider For Buying A Mouse
Top 3 Factors To Consider For Buying A Mouse

Computers have gone through tons of design changes since their arrival in the market but a lot of basic components have remained the same in terms of looks. One such peripheral is a computer mouse. These are one of the most commonly used input devices for computers that allow users to control and access a computer. These are small handheld equipment that is usually made from plastic.

The best travel mouse nowadays is wireless and makes use of laser or LED technology to help you navigate the display of your computer. It is important to have an understanding of the usage scenarios that you might be putting your mouse through to be able to buy the right mouse.

Have a look at the following points to get assistance about how to choose the right mouse.


Your purpose

Depending on the special purpose you use it; a mouse can be of 2 different types.

  • Gaming mouse These are used for gaming purposes and have a higher polling rate and DPI. They can also have extra features to help with gaming.
  • Travelling mouse – These are compact sized and usually have 3 keys only. The majority of the travelling mice are wireless for better compactness while travelling.

Make sure you understand your requirements before you invest in a mouse. For normal day to day usage travelling mouse is surely the better option out of the two but if you are a hardcore gamer, gaming mouse will be the best for you.



The size and the design of the mouse hold a lot of importance to provide you with a comfortable grip and avoid fatigue after a long usage period. Mice can be left or right-handed and it is important to choose the one that works according to your requirement. If you are a heavy user, make sure you go for a mouse that is comfortable for you to hold. Ergonomic mice are the best options for such people as they can be used for a variety of purposes and due to simple design and lightweight construction, they won’t tire you off while working.



It stands for dots per inch and is used to measure the amount of area your cursor will travel after moving the mouse for an Inch. Higher DPI is always great but you won’t be able to notice the difference if you are not a gamer. Gamers can be benefited from a higher DPI and should only go for a mouse that offers at least 500DPI. As far as the polling rate is concerned, the criteria are similar. There won’t be any betterment for normal users due to increased polling rates but gamers will feel the smoothness due to this.


Connectivity and compatibility

When you have selected the mouse you want to buy, make sure that you analyze the connectivity support it offers and checks if it will work on all your devices or not. If you are going for a wired mouse, make sure that it has the support for the newest USB standards or if you want a wireless mouse, make sure you choose between RF and Bluetooth mouse after consideration as RF mouse will cover 1 USB port at all times.