Considering Dental Implants? Here Are 5 Things You Should

Considering Dental Implants? Here Are 5 Things You Should

Tooth loss is an undesirable but regular occurrence for many persons. Until recently, dentures were the only way to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, dentures can be inconvenient as well as painful. Luckily for you, Waterford dental implants, which are a terrific option to conventional dentures and other dental treatments, are now available. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, here are some things you should understand:

1. They Help Safeguard Remaining Healthy Teeth

When healthy teeth are left, a permanent bridge is the most prevalent technique for restoring missing teeth. Unfortunately, this procedure frequently necessitates filing otherwise healthy teeth to the correct size to fit into crowns that serve as bridge anchors snuggly. Consequently, it could compromise otherwise healthy teeth, rendering them more susceptible to decay. Selecting dental implants enables your specialist to avoid disrupting healthy teeth while providing lasting, perfectly-functioning replacements to your missing teeth.

2. They Have a High Rate of Success

Do you recognize that the ultimate success of dental implants is among the highest of any dental treatment? They boast a 95-98% success rate. Naturally, the success rate changes depending on the patient’s oral health as well as the expertise and skill of the person doing the surgery. Dental implants have been utilized for nearly three decades and have a proven history backed by thousands of extensive research.

3. They Enhance Your Bite and Chew

With dental implants, chewing is the same as with natural teeth. Dental implants are a fantastic choice for somebody who is tired of wearing dentures or is concerned about the limitations of other dental treatment alternatives. You can enjoy your beloved chewy lollipops and as many crisp carrots as you wish.

4. They Avoid Bone Loss

Unlike permanent bridges, dental implants could help protect the integrity of your jawbone. The jawbone is an area of a missing tooth that will not be stimulated. Thus, the underlying bone tends to deteriorate with time. Implants act as a replacement for the roots of lost teeth, triggering the jawbone and avoiding additional degeneration.

5. They Are Cost-Effective

Dental implants are typically a costly operation upfront, necessitating a large initial investment paid in full or installments. It is important to remember that this is often a one-time expense because, with appropriate maintenance, implants do not necessitate any more replacement or maintenance than natural teeth. Other tooth replacement alternatives, like bridges and dentures, are not one-time solutions and will need to be replaced or maintained throughout your life. As a result, many persons who opt for implants conserve money long-term.

Dental implants could do much more than enhance an individual’s self-esteem or provide them with a vibrant, attractive smile. You can enjoy other numerous benefits from these revolutionary restorative dentistry solutions, ranging from preventing bone loss to enhancing your bite and chew. At Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center, Marvin Taylor, DDS, and his expert team provide top-notch, advanced dentistry in a safe, comfy environment. After an extensive evaluation of your unique concerns, they will determine if an implant is appropriate for you. Call the Waterford, MI office or book an appointment online today.