Top 12 Side Effects Of Consuming Green Tea Excessively

Consuming Green Tea Excessively

We all know the excessiveness of everything is terrible, and these days everyone is pretty much conscious of their health. You might have heard about green tea benefits, which is best for weight loss and digestion, but do you know it has many side effects? It contains antioxidants that are helpful in fighting against so many diseases such as heart, cancer, and obesity. Numerous research has shown its side effects as well, so here in this blog, we will share some of its side effects. Take a look.

Cause iron deficiency

We all know anemia occurs because of iron deficiency and low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. It could be due to the highest intake of green tea regularly that causes anemia. Particular types of green tea contain EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant that blocks iron absorption. It is advised that so many people not consume green tea, especially when taking iron supplements. Green tea may hide the inflammation-inducing enzymes that increase the inflammation and increase stomach-related issues.

Contradict with medications

We all have come across this fact in our healthy lifestyle where consuming a cup of green tea rejuvenates us and gives us energy. A large amount of green tea and different types of medications trigger so many health issues. Green tea inhibits the metabolism of clozapine and so many other drugs, so it’s essential not to consume green tea. Vitamin K in green tea has the worst impact on anti-blood-clotting. It doesn’t work well with certain antibiotics, antidepressants, and birth control pills.

Increase the muscle weakness

It causes low potassium levels in the blood, and we all know how essential it’s essential for muscle health. Lower levels of potassium increase muscle weakness, so taking an excessive amount of green tea cause this. People with low potassium levels are advised to reduce green tea consumption to bring back the normal state level. Green tea contradicts various medications, so you stop taking green tea whenever you are under some medication treatments.

Toxic for liver

Consumption of green tea helps you to lose weight, which is a great benefit, but excessiveness damages the liver. It affects the liver in the same way as people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. Their inflammation level is increased due to lack of oxygen, and a similar thing happens with people who take green tea excessively. So many fat-burning drinks are available in green tea flavor as well, so you shouldn’t take those as well.

Increase headache and dizziness

People are addicted to caffeine. They always find themselves in dizziness such as headache, nausea, and flushing, which is not suitable for health—a high dose of caffeine lowers the blood pressure level. Ensure you people are not sensitive to caffeine because it increases the intoxication similar to the people with drug withdrawal symptoms. Best detoxification treatment is necessary for such patients. Go to rehabs that offer health insurance programs for recovery. Consumption of green tea should be omitted in case of such symptoms.

Impair thyroid function

Green tea reduces the risk of thyroid cancer, and excessive green tea intake always impairs thyroid function. It increases the risk of thyroid cancer in women. If you don’t want to increase the abnormality of thyroid function, then don’t consume this without a doctor’s recommendation and never go for excessive intake.

Increase bone weakness

Green tea is a type of caffeine that increases bone weakness, and everyone should stop consuming this when they find a weakness in bones. Higher green tea intake increases fracture risk and reduces bone mineral density. Green tea is harmful to bone growth because it prevents growth.

Prevents blood clotting

People who have blood clotting issues should avoid green tea because it increases the heart attack risk. Green tea caffeine blocks the arteries. It inhibits the metabolism, so make sure people with this issue are not taking green tea. An excessive amount of green tea is not suitable for health so stop consuming this.

Cause heartburn

Green tea is not good for people who have heartburn issues. It is due to bad food habits and excessive green tea consumption. If you people have a healthy lifestyle and take excessive green tea, then it causes acid reflux. Drinking a huge amount of green tea is associated with AEE, which is higher in people who take alcoholic drinks.

Cause stomach upset

Do you know taking more than 3 cups of green tea causes diarrhea? Green tea extract contains high doses of caffeine that cause abdominal pain, jaundice, and dark yellow urine, so avoid taking this. Make sure you people are not consuming more than 3 cups of it.

Frequent urination

Green tea extract causes frequent urination, so don’t consume this more than 3-4 cups per day, and when you increase its frequency, it affects the bladder function. Lower doses of green tea help you in reducing urinary diseases. Avoid excessive green tea intake to avoid urination issues.

Cause stain over teeth

Drinking green tea requires teeth bleaching treatment, so if you don’t want to have this, then stop consuming it daily. Green tea stains teeth, so the best way to avoid green tea is.

Who should avoid green tea?

  • Pregnant women
  • If you are on warfarin treatment
  • Experiencing abdominal issues
  • High risk of bladder cancer
  • Insomnia issues

These are the few side effects of consuming green tea excessively. Although many of you take this for weight loss and other reasons, excessive consumption is undesirable. Green tea shouldn’t be taken by pregnant ladies and people who have high blood pressure issues. Don’t forget to consult with the doctor because they need to know the medical history so they can suggest you the best advice. Excessive green tea consumption has so many side effects, as you have seen in this blog so keep yourself away if you have any specific medical history.

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