Corona Virus: Alert The Doctor In Danger

Corona Virus: Alert The Doctor In Danger
Corona Virus: Alert The Doctor In Danger

Corona Virus: Alert The Doctor In Danger. In early January, a doctor reported that a new virus had spread But the Chinese authorities took initiative to close the doctor’s mouth without relying on

Thus, within a month of inflicting the Novel Coronavirus, the deadly virus was fatally spread to Wuhan and its surrounding areas. The virus has now spread beyond China to other countries Meanwhile, two people have died outside of China due to the Coronavirus infection The death toll in China is around four and a half

As the number of corona virus-infected jumps, infections are being detected in new countries.

Of that, the Chinese ophthalmologist was informed When Wu Wenling, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, tried to warn his colleagues about the virus, the police came and silenced him.

A month later, he posted the incident from a hospital bed on Weibo, China’s social media.

According to the BBC, the doctor received seven cases of infection last December. To him, the virus looked like a circus (the epidemic took place around the world in 20).

The patients were taken to the Hunan Seafood Market in Wuhan and kept under surveillance of the patients.

Dr. Lee gave a warning message on December 5 in a group chat, warning fellow doctors about the virus and wearing ‘protective clothing’ to avoid infection. But he did not know then – the disease that was diagnosed is a completely new coronavirus.

Four days after writing a warning message, law enforcement officials met her and signed her in a blanket. Where he was accused of ‘making false remarks that could cause serious disruption to the social order’.

“We strongly warn you: Do you understand that you will be brought to justice if you persistently commit such illegal activities?”

Dr. below him. Lee’s handwriting: “Yes, I understand.”

He was not the only one, and seven more were being investigated for allegedly spreading rumors, police said.

Dr. explained the incident by publishing a photo of Mucheleka’s letter on Weibo in late January. Lee. The local administration has already apologized to him, but it is too late.

Initially, officials in Wuhan said people would be infected with the virus only if they came in contact with an infected animal. No instructions have yet been issued to protect the doctors.

But a week after the police came to him, Dr. Lee treated a woman with glaucoma. He did not know then that the woman was infected with the new coronavirus.

Lee wrote in the Weibo post that he started coughing on January 5, the next day he had a fever; He was taken to the hospital two days later. His parents were taken to the hospital when they became ill.

Three days after that, China declared the outbreak of the Coronavirus as an emergency.

Dr. Lee said he was tested several times for the coronavirus, each time the result came in negative, meaning the virus was not found.

He later wrote in another post on January 5, “Today the nucleic acid test has yielded positive results; the smoke has passed; the diagnosis has finally been made.”

He ends the post with a dog’s emoji with eyes up and tongues out. Not surprisingly, this post reads thousands of comments and likes.

Concerned about the reaction to the country’s comments, one Chinese commented, “In the future, doctors will be more afraid to warn early about the signs of infectious diseases.

“Dr. Lee Wenlang is a hero. A safe public health environment requires millions of Li Wenling,” wrote another.