Cotton Sheets vs Bamboo Sheets: Which Should You Opt For?


If you are looking forward to furnishing your bed and to having a great night’s sleep, then considering what sheets to use is very important.

However, you might be confused about what sheets to go off: should you choose bamboo sheets or cotton sheets. Both types of sheets are the most common and highly preferred among others in the market.

Read on as we discuss the two types of sheets.

Bamboo Sheets: What are they?

Though cotton and bamboo sheets look alike on the outside, they have significant differences in their performance levels and the overall satisfaction you’ll get when you use each.

Simply put, bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fiber. There are three unique types of fabric in the market presently; the major difference arises from the general process of manufacturing of the fibers. 

Cotton Sheets: What Are They?

Cotton is mostly used for making bedsheets. There are beautiful cotton materials in the market. Essentially, cotton sheets are made out of cotton.

Which is Better Between the Two?

Before we can decide on which is better, we need to make a comparison between them:

  1. Thread Count

The first thing you should consider before choosing between bamboo sheets and cotton sheets is the thread count.  This is because the thread count shows us more about the quality of the sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet is going to feel.

When compared, the fibers in bamboo sheets are softer than those in cotton. This may not always be true because there are some cotton sheets that have high thread count and hence, are very soft. However, most bamboo sheets are far softer than cotton sheets.

  1. Care

When it comes to care, it depends on if you follow the instructions or not. If you get bamboo sheets or cotton sheets, you have to follow the specific instructions that come with each. Once that is done, you have no problem.

  1. Comfortability

When it comes to comfortability too, it depends on the thread count. If you choose a low thread count cotton sheets, expect a cheap and less pleasant sleeping sensation. If you do otherwise, you can get really soft ones.

However, when it comes to bamboo sheets, there is a sustained level of comfort, irrespective of the thread count. They are always very soft and you will have a pleasant night’s rest.

  1. Durability

Regarding this, bamboo sheets are more durable than cotton sheets, especially when you give them the attention they need. You need to take special care of bamboo sheets when cleaning them and ensure to adhere to the instructions regarding if warm or cold water should be used on them.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Bamboo sheets have a smaller environmental impact and produce much smaller carbon footprint than cotton sheets. Cotton sheets, however, are not as environmentally friendly and can be dangerous to health.

There are other things to consider when choosing between the two sheets which this article won’t talk about. I believe the few points mentioned above will guide your choice.

An Extra For You

In addition to buying bamboo sheets for a sound night rest, you can also consider getting a queen weighted blanket. With a queen weighted blanket, you say goodbye to a restless and hot night.

Benefits Of Weighted Blankets

You may be wondering, “What do I need a queen weighted blanket for?” 

Weighted blankets help people suffering from insomnia to overcome it. However, you don’t need to have insomnia before you can use it. A queen weighted blanket is soothing and helps to reduce blood pressure, lower pulse rates and help improve health generally.

With the help of a weighted blanket, a good night’s sleep is close by. Hence, your need for one and if you want to choose the perfect one, queen weighted blanket is the perfect choice.


In conclusion, bamboo sheets and queen weighted blanket are the answers to your restless, hot and uncomfortable night sleep. Get them today!