How to Purchase Custom Challenge Coins Online

How to Purchase Custom Challenge Coins Online
How to Purchase Custom Challenge Coins Online

Long used by branches of the U.S. military to instill greater morale, challenge coins are now part of many groups and industries.

Many people seek out army coins or navy coins as collectables. If you’ve wondered about the popularity of these special coins, where you can buy them, or how you can get custom challenge coins, this article is for you!


What Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins have a long history, dating back to ancient Rome. In modern times, U.S. military leaders present a medallion or coin to members of a unit to increase morale and create a sense of belonging. These coins can be round or many different shapes, but they usually include some type of marking or slogan to denote the branch of service or associated mission.

Former President Barack Obama famously and frequently distributed coins with the presidential seal to members of the military discreetly while giving a handshake. Other U.S. Presidents and government leaders have followed this practice to show appreciation to members of the military.

Challenge coins are not limited to a branch of the armed forces. Many companies and civic organizations now issue customized coins to team members to create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.


How to Buy Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are trendy today. Here are some Challenge Coin buying tips for your organization.

Design and Size

Some challenge coins are beautifully detailed and ornate. Others bear a simple and elegant logo or slogan. More complex designs may require a larger coin, but around a coin of 2-inches in diameter is preferred.



The cost of your custom challenge coins will depend on many factors. Larger coins cost more than smaller coins. Coins with more elaborate designs will cost more, too, but the cost per coin will go down if you order a large quantity.

Consider how often you will distribute your custom coins and for what purpose. You may want to start with a small quantity to test how people feel about your design and later order a larger number once your design is final.

Where to Buy Custom Challenge Coins

Once you know how many coins you want and how you want them to look, it’s time to find a partner to produce your coins. One leading provider of custom challenge coins is They offer high-quality coins and can assist you with designing the perfect coin for your purposes.

Get Your Coins

Challenge coins can help your service organization or corporate team express appreciation and admiration. They are also great for building morale and team unity.

Consider how you will use your coins, how frequently you will present them, and what purpose you want them to serve. This will help you determine the type of design, quantity, and budget for your coins.

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