Decorative Concrete: Your Way From Dull to Dashing Renovation

Decorative Concrete: Your Way From Dull to Dashing Renovation

When renovating a space, what do people invest in? An all-white space with statement pieces like a breathtaking mural, eye-catching artwork, a lavish chandelier that awes one like the New Years’ eve of Sydney fireworks or big-budget Bonsai plants if they are a plant lover. But in such lush spaces, what do they envision about what’s beneath their soles? Probably a dull grey floor, a drab carpet, or just the legs of furniture. Even if there was money for marbles or fancy carpets, it is unwitty and unworkable for the huge floor spaces both indoors and outdoors. This is where decorative concrete comes to the rescue.

Why Is It So Great?

What’s not to like about it? It elevates the space effortlessly, and the natural elements in it are a beauty to witness and walk on. Since it is durable, it will be a financially sound one-time investment.

It is also an excellent alternative for people who are allergic to carpeting, those who despise the odor that a carpet develops over time, or pet owners. Pet owners usually worry about their pet’s hair and dander sticking all over the carpet or about the scratch marks on wooden flooring.

The pandemic has forced us to stay long hours inside our homes. If one works from home, this is an excellent way to feel rich and comfortable about one’s environment. For YouTubers and Instagrammers, this is a neat choice to make the space more photogenic.


Where Are Its Applications?

Here’s where one can spruce their space with a dash of decorative concrete. One can decorate the driveway, entryway, pool deck, patio, countertop, bartop, garden stones, garage, shower surround, fireplace surround, etc.,


What Are the Options?

  • Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete replicates stones like slate, flagstone, cobblestones, and sometimes even brick, wood, and shells. It is also called imprinted or textured concrete. It mimics the details, such as the pattern and color of the elements people want them to. It is ideal for pool decks, patios, etc., and it radiates the look of luxurious materials at an affordable price. It is heat resistant; it expands in the space between each concrete tile during hotter seasons, so it does not crack open. And it does not wear off. If the color fades away, restoring it once in several years is enough.


  • Stained Concrete (Acid/ Water-Based Stained Concrete)

Stained concrete brings out the notion of tanned leather to earthy tones like natural wood and stone. This is ideal for indoor flooring and an already popular choice among hotel rooms and restaurants to uplift spaces. To date, it is a popular choice for kitchen countertops and fireplaces. Since the chemicals get deep into the concrete, the color does not fade away.


  • Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlaying is a method to restore old concrete surfaces without having to remove or replace them. Cement overlays are good, but with today’s technology, an infusion of cement with polymer resins gives added values like better adherence to existing concrete, damage resistance against UV radiation, salt, cold, and chemicals. The overlay can be thin or thick according to the customer’s wish. Control over the polymer composition gives the customer a vast array of physical attributes to choose from.


Some other ways to enhance the aesthetic value of concrete are:

  • Polishing to give it a hard-glassy finish
  • Engraving logos, geometric patterns to form intricate designs.

To impress someone, it is not enough that just the indoors are perfect. It is said that one has 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Those 7 seconds are used up when the guest is driving up the house from the outdoors.

So, happy rethinking the renovation!

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