Diamond Paintings: The USA’s Top Craft Trend in 2022

Diamond Paintings: The USA’s Top Craft Trend in 2022

For a while, crocheting hooked the nation (pun intended!). Those who were into crocheting were making blankets for loved ones, toys for family members and friends, and all sorts of other items. Now, it’s time for crocheting to move over because there’s a new trend taking the United States by storm…diamond paintings.

What are Diamond Paintings?

When asking this question to Google, you’ll find all sorts of answers. However, one of the best descriptions poses diamond paintings as a combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers. Rather than painting or using thread to create your art, the goal is to place hundreds and thousands of small resin diamonds (otherwise known as drills) onto a canvas.

When you order a diamond painting kit, you’ll start by peeling back some of the cover on the canvas. The very best diamond painting companies use poured glue as an adhesive rather than a glue sheet, and this is what the drills stick to when placed. Rather than placing drills randomly, you place them according to their number (each colour has a different number or symbol).

As mentioned, there’s an element of paint by numbers. You’ll create your image by placing the colours in the corresponding positions on the canvas. Diamond painting is an intricate art, and you’ll place the small resin diamonds with tweezers, an applicator, and various other tools.

Ultimately, you put all the colours in the right position, and you’ll have an amazing image (without needing too much skill or talent). Assuming you place the drills in the right place, it will create the image intended. For example, you’ll find kits that allow you to ‘paint’ animals, famous paintings, characters, and more.

What Makes Diamond Paintings Exciting?

  • You don’t need huge skill or talent to get started
  • You’ll end up with a stunning image of your choosing
  • It’s a great stress and anxiety-reliever
  • You’ll have lots of fun
  • There are various ways to make your paintings even more special

What does this last point mean? Well, you’ll find so-called ‘AB drills’ that make your painting shimmer. Essentially, these drills are different to standard drills because they imitate the stunning, shimmering of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). What’s more, these drills use the same numbers as the standard drills, so you can’t get confused when replacing them.

How Do I Get Started with Diamond Painting?

Well, you first need a reliable diamond painting supplier with lots of amazing kits. It’s best to choose a company that offers the following with all kits:

  • All the equipment you need (canvas, tray, drills, tweezers, wax, and applicator)
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Poured glue rather than glue sheets on the canvas
  • AB drills
  • Ultra-HD symbols and images
  • Plastic offset program (you can help the planet while also enjoying this trendy new craft!)

Once your kit arrives, peel back a section of the covering and dip your applicator into the wax. From here, take your applicator and pick up a diamond from the tray (while paying attention to the numbers and symbols). With a diamond on the applicator, put the drill onto a symbol – you’ll have a key to hand to make things easier. The drill will adhere to the canvas and then you can move on to the next one to create your sensational canvas.

Why not get started with diamond paintings today and immerse yourself into this addictive craft world? Create beautiful diamond paintings for your own home as well as the homes of loved ones!