Different Types of Signage Useful For Your Business


Signage is a fantastic tool for promoting your business. However, your type of signage can be crucial in reaching your marketing goals. Directional signage helps people navigate an area. Identification signage tells visitors what services a particular business offers. There are many different types of signage. Which one best suits your needs?

Vehicle Wraps

Business vehicle wraps can transform your car, truck, van, or bus into a colorful canvas for your company logo and branding. They can feature crisp images of food or treats to get hungry road trip drivers’ attention, witty company slogans, or bold fonts to create a memorable line that identifies your brand. Unlike TV or radio ads, which can be skipped or ignored, commercial vehicle wraps reach passing motorists at an opportune moment when they’re looking for a local service provider. Your branded car will draw attention from potential clients and encourage a recommendation from a happy neighbor, whether you’re offering cleaning services, roof repairs, kitchen renovations, or plumbing repairs. You can choose signage Vancouver services from a full wrap covering the whole vehicle, a partial wrap focusing on the hood or doors, or even just your vehicle windows. Consider the size of your vehicle windows and doors when designing a car wrap, as some information may be obscured when the door is opened.

Window Graphics

Whether they are frosted, translucent, vinyl, or impact images, window graphics offer the versatility to advertise sales, events, and company news. They are also easy to swap in and out, making changing business information like hours or phone numbers simple. This flexibility benefits seasonal businesses, such as gyms and nail salons. Directional and information signs, sometimes called departmental, organizational, or wayfinding signage, help shoppers find their way through a building, mall, or other large shopping spaces. They may be near washrooms, food courts, and other locations that are difficult to locate without a sign.

While they don’t directly influence purchases, these signs create resonant brand experiences that increase customer loyalty. They also provide essential information for customers who research products online before visiting stores to make final considerations and purchase decisions.

Pylon Signs

In addition to grabbing motorists’ attention, this type of signage helps inform them about your business location. Freestanding pylon signs can have one or two poles supporting them, and they can have one or two sides. They are tall enough to stand out from other buildings and roads in busy areas, like alongside highways or near shopping malls. The graphics on these signs’ acrylic or polycarbonate faces are often computer-generated to increase their precision and appeal. They also use technologies that ensure they retain their color longer and are less prone to fading over time. These signs are often illuminated, which makes them noticeable day or night. They are ideal for businesses that want to grab attention from a distance, like gas stations or locations set back from the road, such as industrial parks. They can also be clad or covered, giving them a unique look that stands out from other pole signs.

A-Frame Signs

Whether relaying directions or displaying parking policies, a-frame signs help visitors find their way around your property. They’re also a great way to highlight warnings about road hazards or safety rules for workers on construction sites. Smaller than the pylon signs, metal a-frames are the perfect way to draw pedestrian traffic into your storefront. Use them to advertise sales, events, specials, and more. They’re also cost-effective for restaurants, cafes, and other small businesses.

During events, black metal a-frames often provide guests with important information. Depending on the event, this can include food areas, vendor booths, bathrooms, and parking lots. They also effectively highlight specific products and services. They’re versatile enough to be used repeatedly, with the ability to change sign panels quickly. A-frames are often paired with sidewalk signs to create a more powerful visual presence.