Discover Puerto Aventuras and All Its Charms You Have To Discover

Discover Puerto Aventuras and All Its Charms You Have To Discover

Puerto Aventuras is close to everything in the Riviera Maya: Cancun airport is less than an hour away, Playa del Carmen is half an hour away and the main archaeological sites are just a few minutes away. 

But besides this, Puerto Aventuras is a port that houses an infinite number of attractions in itself, as there are definitely many places to visit in Puerto Aventuras.

Perhaps one of the best ways to get to know the Riviera Maya is from Puerto Aventuras. Here you will not only have access to all the attractions of the peninsula but you can also get the best accommodations, the most delicious restaurants, various stores, and many activities to make your trip of the highest category.

12 Puerto Aventuras Attractions 

To quickly show you the things you can get here we have put together an exclusive list of the 12 most important attractions in Puerto Aventuras.

Visit the nearby cenotes: if there is one thing the Riviera Maya can be proud of in front of any tourist destination in the world, it is having these incredible subway bodies of water of unparalleled beauty. The cenotes are everywhere and are counted by the thousands, tourists who go to Puerto Aventuras have the advantage of being very close to the best and one day is enough to live these adventures in the Mexican tropical jungle.

Visit the second largest reef on the planet: coral reefs are considered one of the most beautiful wonders of the marine world, exploring them through diving is great but when it comes to the second largest in the world the experience is indescribable. Among the things to do in Puerto Aventuras you can’t forget this one since it is very close to its shores. 

Excursion to Isla Mujeres

Excursion to Isla Mujeres: taking advantage of the proximity to this sacred island for the Mayas, you have to include this excursion as one of the activities in Puerto Aventuras and get to know what for many is the island with the best beaches in all of Mexico. You can go and come back the same day but if you want you can stay at least one night to get to know more of this island. For the best excursions check out

Excursion to Chichen Itza: another of the excursions that we cannot fail to recommend during your stay in the archaeological site of the Mayas, especially the mythical Chichen Itza, where you can see the vestiges of the most splendorous city of the empire that dominated this land for several centuries.

Playa Aventuras: in such a vast beach destination it would be difficult to recommend just one of them but as our intention is to show you the things to do in Puerto Aventuras that are a must, we are going to recommend you to visit Playa Aventuras, we consider that it has the best coasts and the best sun so you can spend several hours during several days to tan your body and relax on its white sands.

Visit the Marina: Puerto Aventuras has it all, including a luxurious marina that serves all types of boats that decide to arrive at its dock. Here the spectacle of boats of all kinds matches the good aesthetics of the construction, walking through the marina is one of the activities you can not miss. This is also the site used to set sail to other islands or nearby cities in the Riviera Maya.

Interact with dolphins:

Interacting with dolphins: we couldn’t miss these top 12 things to do in Puerto Aventuras recommend you to visit Dolphin Discovery Dreams, an aquatic center specialized in dolphins. For a family experience, you can visit this place within the Puerto Aventuras complex, where you can swim with these marine mammals and interact with them through the various activities offered.

Golf: The Riviera Maya is internationally recognized for having excellent golf courses, for this reason, this sport has become one of the most popular among tourists. Puerto Aventuras is the best golf course in the region, it was designed by the famous golfer Thomas Lehman in 1991 and since then it has become one of the most popular.

Luxury hotels: the privileged place that Puerto Aventuras has earned in the preferences of tourists is largely due to the high level of comfort offered by its facilities, mainly hotels are known for ensuring a pleasant experience. Their rooms are well decorated and offer five-star services or more adapted to your budget. One of the hotels we can suggest is the Omni Puerto Aventuras Beach Resort. It is simply spectacular, to get to this hotel, the company eTransfers offers a safe and quiet transfer to this hotel.

Sailing on a catamaran

Sailing on a catamaran: taking a cruise to some of the places near Puerto Aventuras is another activity you should include in your travel agenda. This type of boat offers comfort, safety, and fun through the Caribbean Sea. You can get this service in the vicinity of the port at different prices and with a variable duration according to your preferences.

Vibrate with the nightlife: the bars, discos, and restaurants of Puerto Aventuras also have hours and hours of fun for you. National and international drinks as well as the best musical shows, you can find it in places like Barceló Maya Tropical or Jaguar nightclub, we recommend you not to rent a car to avoid having to wait, instead, we recommend a Cancun Shuttle Transportation service that will take you without problems to your favorite places and let the sunrise surprise you.

Discover Puerto Aventuras and All Its Charms You Have To Discover

Delight yourself with its cuisine: Mexican food, international recipes, and unique dishes from the Riviera Maya are part of the menu offered by the restaurants located in Puerto Aventuras. Restaurants such as The Pub Puerto Aventuras, La Caleta Seafood Restaurant, and El Arbolito are some of the options available to you. Live your experience in Puerto Aventuras delighting your palate.

Live your experience in Puerto Aventuras

After getting to know this select list of 12 things to do in Puerto Aventuras, you will hardly be able to resist organizing a trip to the heart of the Riviera Maya. And although it is a private resort, the entrance is free, so if you are staying in a nearby place you still have the possibility to come here and enjoy its attractions.

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