Earned Playing Games From Mobile

Earned Playing Games From Mobile
Earned Playing Games From Mobile

Earned Playing Games From Mobile. The main method of earning playing games from mobile is earning via video upload on YouTube. In this case, you have to actually record the game while playing and upload it to the YouTube Gaming section. Which is the same as earning a video by uploading it to YouTube? The only difference is that you have to upload the video to a different section of YouTube and you get a separate video for the video. So let’s get started.

Sorting games

If you want to earn money by playing games from mobile then you must first pick a good mobile game. And you have to work on the selected games. So choose a game that is very popular right now, as well as a lot of levels or steps. And the steps should be larger because the bigger you are, the more active you are and the viewer can hold. And of course, pick a game that you can play well and enjoy yourself.

Record the gameplay

The gameplay record should be a little more careful. Because in this case a little mistake will probably back you up. There are several apps for recording gameplay. Even with the Android mobile, the Google Play Games app is available on all Android mobiles and can be recorded. In this case, you can access the record option below the game name by going to Apps. Click here to open the game and the game record option will appear.

There are also good screen recorders in all the apps market. My favorite in the case of Android AZ Screen Recorder. Although I use the premium version of it, it is possible to work in the free version. And all the apps are almost the same. So you can get started with Google Play Games in the beginning.

Stream or Live Games

If you want to play live games that means you want to watch them live on YouTube while you play, you can do that too. There are many apps for this as well, but the most effective one is YouTube Gaming. However, the app is not yet open to Bangladesh. If you have any way you can use the app. You can also find live stream apps in the Play Store for other live stream apps.

Some rules for gameplay records


There are always some things to keep in mind for gameplay records. First the music. Because if the music is copyrighted, you can’t earn money from that music game. Music refers to the songs in the game here. For example, Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits will be playing during the race. Uploading a video playing this song will result in copyright. As a result, you will not be able to show ads. But if you just turn off the music but the game sound is on then no problem. Game sound is the same as playing a car start, race sound or car break sound, etc. So before starting the record, the music from the setting of the game must be stopped. There will be no problem.

And if you want, you can use your own music – your licensed music. For example, in my case, I use Royalty-Free Music which is licensed in my name and I can use it for any purpose. Of course, mine is purchased but you can collect such music for free as well as there is a collection of such music on YouTube.

Player video

You can see in the YouTube gaming section that almost all gamers are short on the video of their game. And in all game recorders, so does the camera. You can turn it on, though. But if possible try to keep it on.

Player voice

Player Voice or Tutorial. If you have the ability to do the kind of tutoring you may have heard while watching a cricket game on TV, do so as well. This increases the importance of channels, and you can get a little closer to viewers. As a result, they may want to return to your channel again and again. Moreover, if you tell them what you are doing or how you are doing, it will help them too. And the best thing you can do in English when it comes to tutoring.

The quality of the recording

Since your video will be viewed by different people and can be viewed on YouTube in different quality, you can upload the best quality video. Better then 720p or higher. In this case, you will be able to keep all kinds of viewers on your channel, and they will be able to watch the video as they need it.


If you want to make good money from gaming videos and want to succeed, you need to work regularly. The more active you are, the more your chances of succeeding will increase, and you will be able to retain regular viewers that will help increase your revenue.

Video editing

If you plan to record and upload later, try video editing to give more advanced or professional work. The viewer will be hoping to come back again and again as your channel will explode. But there are many other good editors. You can choose apps to your advantage. And while editing the video, of course, try to cut down on unnecessary parts.

Upload video

Once the video is created, you should not just upload it. At the time of uploading, the proper rules must be uploaded and proper steps should be taken to reach the viewers. In the case of YouTube videos, when you select a category, you will find a category called Gaming. Selecting it will bring down a box where the name of the game will be given. If anyone is looking for a gameplay video of that category then it will be displayed to your video. And when uploading a video, try to upload a custom thumbnail so that you can play the video even after viewing the thumbnail. And check out our next tune on YouTube SEO where it talks about the details and how it works for all types of videos on YouTube.

The last word

For those who want to earn money playing games from mobile, hopefully, the tune will work. The tune is written mainly for mobile users, but the same rules can be done for computer games. Here, except for the video recorder or screen recorder, everything else is the same computer. In the case of an iPhone or another operating system, you can collect the required apps by following these same rules.

If you have any problems or questions you can tell us by tweeting here. If you want, you can also message on Tacitus. We will try to give you a solution as soon as possible.