Eight tips to Follow for Strong Teeth

Eight tips to Follow for Strong Teeth

Our body parts need proper care and cleaning so that they remain healthy. Teeth are an essential part of our mouth. Our teeth help us to chew things, grind them and send them into the oral cavity. With the help of teeth and tongue, we can taste our food.

Adults have 32 teeth. They are named according to their function. There are eight incisors. Incisors will help you to break your food when you take your first bite. There are four canine teeth. After your food is broken down into more prominent parts, the canines will help tear off the food to be converted into smaller pieces.

Eight premolars help to break down your food into smaller pieces by making food crush. By grinding, they will convert food into a paste. Twelve molars are the strongest and more prominent teeth. When your food will be destroyed and adequately grind by molars, they will push your food into the oral cavity.

If you do not take proper care of your teeth, your teeth will get damaged. Some children are fond of eating chocolates and sweet candies. Consuming sugary things means the cavity and teeth will become weaken. So you have to take proper care to have strong teeth. In this article, we will discuss tips you can follow for strong teeth.

Brush Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth is an important activity to keep your teeth clean and strong. When you brush your teeth, it will remove all the food particles that can cause your teeth to damage. Doctors always advise brushing your teeth twice a day. You have to brush your teeth after having your meal. Brushing your teeth will protect you from teeth cavity and gums disease. It’s important to note that if your teeth aren’t aligned correctly you may need to take extra care when brushing. Many people think that invisible braces or teeth aligners are used purely for the looks of perfect teeth, however, having straight teeth is also important for oral hygiene and brushing.

Every bacteria, the virus will enter from your mouth into your body. If you don’t brush your teeth, you will easily get attacked by any bacteria. When you brush your teeth, it will help to remove bacteria, viruses, food particles from your mouth. You should develop a habit of brushing teeth in your kids after having a meal. Kid’s teeth are susceptible, and they are easily affected by any cavity, gums disease. Therefore brushing your teeth is necessary for having strong and healthy teeth.

Eating Fewer Sweets:

Eating sweets are no problem, but overeating sweets can create trouble for you. Some kids, even adults, are fond of eating sweet dishes, candies, and chocolates. Having too many candies, chocolate can damage your teeth internally. The cavity will develop in your teeth, and it will slowly damage your whole teeth. Your gums will be affected by the hole. The discoloration of teeth will occur, and they will be turned into brown color when a cavity develops in your teeth. You have to avoid eating sweets. Otherwise, it will damage your teeth, and your teeth will become weak.

Taking Calcium and Fluoride:

Calcium is an essential vitamin for our teeth. Our teeth are made mainly of calcium. We should take a regular amount of milk to strengthen our teeth as milk contains calcium to make your teeth strong. We should use toothpaste that will contain fluoride, and fluoride will make your teeth and teeth enamel strong. It will avoid tooth decay. Therefore it is necessary to use fluoride toothpaste.


Clean your Tongue:

As it is necessary to keep your teeth clean and strong. Besides all these, you should take care of your tongue. The tastebuds that are present on the tongue need to clean. The tastebuds present on the tongue are very sensitive. The tongue will also enable bacterial growth. Therefore it is necessary to brush your teeth, brush and clean your tongue using the backside of your brush. Poor hygiene will also cause infection in your mouth.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol contains the chemicals that will affect your immune system, your body functions as well as your teeth. Alcohol consumption weakens our teeth, and it will form a cavity in our teeth. Alcoholic drinks contain a high amount of sugar. It will eradicate your enamel as enamel is the outer surrounding that will protect your teeth.

When the protection of your teeth is affected, your teeth will become weak. Alcohol is very acidic, and it will destroy the sensitive tissues present in the mouth. Alcohol can also cause to dry your mouth; when your mouth will dry, it will let the bacteria stay in your mouth. Therefore, for solid and healthy teeth, it is necessary to avoid alcohol. Alcohol treatment therapy is all you need if you want to avoid being addicted to alcohol.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Water is essential to fulfilling body needs. When you drink water, it will wash your teeth and mouth. It will carry away all food particles that will remain in your teeth. The remain of food particles will cause bacteria to stay in your mouth. The water also contains fluoride that will help to protect your enamel. The water will help to make your teeth cavity strong.

Use Mouth Cleaner:

It would be best if you used mouthwash daily to avoid lousy breathing. The mouthwash will help to clean your mouth and teeth. It will wash out bacteria from your mouth. The bacteria which remains in your mouth causes a bad smell. It will also cause oral disorders. Use mouthwash after having a meal. If you don’t brush your teeth and don’t take care of your teeth, it will lead to certain diseases. Therefore it is necessary to use mouthwash in addition to brushing your teeth.

Avoid Smoking:

Cigarette contains carcinogens that cause damage to the lung and your body functions. Smoking also harms your teeth. It will cause gum diseases. Your teeth color changes into yellow color. It will weaken the bones that support your teeth. When your teeth cavity becomes filled with infection, it will harden your plaque. When your teeth bone is weakened, it cannot hold your teeth properly, and your teeth will be pulled out. Smokers need to take care of their teeth as they have more chances of having oral disorders. Therefore smoking should be avoided to maintain healthy and strong teeth.

 Above mention are the particular tips you have to follow for solid and healthy teeth. These tips will protect your teeth from any decay, infection, bacteria, and oral disorders. When you have a healthy oral cavity, it shows positive and sound effects on your health.