Essential Supplies That Every school-going Kid Must Have


According to reports from 2020, there are over 4 million children in around 9,500 schools enrolled every year in Australia. As the days go by, schools will be in session, and it will be back-to-school shopping time before one knows it. The excitement of shopping for new pencils, pens, markers, paints, boxes, books, and bags is something children look forward to every year. While books still form a significant part of the school supplies among students, associated accessories like book covers and labels are also crucial in maintaining them.

Over the past five years, the online office and school supply sales industry has grown exponentially due to easy accessibility, quality, variety, and convenience. With more parents and children investing in good-quality and trendy school supplies, the market turnover has grown to 3.2 billion AUD.

This extensive back-to-school checklist aims to help parents and children get all their ducks in a row before the first day begins.

Books, Books, Books!

There is no doubt about the contributions books have in the lives of young students. Books form a significant part of children’s academic and artistic development throughout their school life. Children learn to identify, differentiate and correlate various objects, patterns, words, and ideas through their interaction with books. Books do not just include textbooks, notebooks, and coloring books that schools recommend. They also consist of craft books, scrapbooks, storybooks, personal diaries, dictionaries, activity books, and more.

Playful Book Covers

While carrying a variety of books is one thing, maintaining them throughout the school year in good condition can be a task. It is tedious to take care of crafts, art, and scrapbooks in a healthy state, considering how children handle them in their excitement. Colorful slip-on book covers are the solution to ensuring the books stay safe in the hands of the kids. Easy, reusable, non-toxic slip-on covers are available in materials like PVC reach and different sizes. They are not just trendy but sturdy, making the lives of parents and teachers easier and the lives of school-going kids a little brighter.

Neat Name Labels for School Supplies

Reports state that children and parents never find 62% of the lost children’s items. It is why labeling is a must when helping the children pack their school bags with new supplies. They are customizable and fit anything from a book, a stationery box, lunch box to a water bottle. Tiny pencil labels help identify smaller items like pens, pencils, crayons, color pens, erasers, daycare items, art supplies, and more. Bag tags personalize the child’s bag amongst many colorful ones in class and help them, and the teacher identifies it as the bell rings. They are made of harmless material and glue that keep the children safe.

Kid Size Lunch Boxes and Bags

Parents can make the back-to-school lunch experience extra fun by personalizing their lunch boxes according to their interests and favorites. Well-designed lunch boxes come in compartments that allow parents to store various food items like sandwiches, fruits, snacks, and more. Good quality lunch boxes are colorful and playful and have sturdy non-toxic plastic with clips to secure the items inside. They can endure the rough and tumble play of children’s school life. Insulated lunch bags with secure zippers ensure that the food stays fresh for longer and helps kids carry them with ease.

Funky and Comfortable Backpacks

While backpacks are essential to carry all the school supplies securely to school and back, for children, backpacks reflect their personality, fashion, and style. Trendy school backpacks are therefore tough, machine-washable, comfortable, sturdy, colorful, and spacious to satisfy the needs of both parents and excited kids.