Everything to Consider When Choosing a Sales Lead Generation Agency

Everything to Consider When Choosing a Sales Lead Generation Agency

For any business that depends on direct sales to consumers or other businesses, generating sales leads is crucial to sustaining revenue and growth. Of course, knowing that and knowing how to generate leads efficiently and cost-effectively are two very different things. There are in-house strategies you can use, even ones that work during a pandemic, but those aren’t always enough.

If you’re marketing team isn’t bringing in enough leads, you can always look to a sales lead generation agency. Not sure what you should look for? Keep reading for the key things you should consider when choosing a lead generation agency.

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Available Services

One of the first things you should look at is what services lead generation agencies offer. Some agencies offer a full suite of services, such as:

  • Competitor research
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • Social Media marketing

Other agencies focus on only one or two services, such as letting you buy leads in email lists or brand building.

Industry Experience

When considering your options for agencies, you should find out how much experience they have in your industry. Let’s say that your business sells luxury yachts. An agency that mostly deals with the insurance industry probably won’t end up a good fit for your needs.

Age of Business

New businesses aren’t always bad businesses. In many cases, someone with a lot of experience in an industry launches a startup. When it comes to lead generation, though, new businesses are often shady.

They might sell you a couple of really lousy lists and suddenly cease to exist. Established businesses that are at least a few years old are often more reliable.

Comparing Agency Fees

You must also consider your budget and the agencies’ fee schedules. While you might love a package deal that hits three or four marketing areas, your budget may only accommodate one service from any given agency. In the end, though, one higher-priced service from a top agency may well generate more leads than three services from a lower-tier agency.

References and Reviews

You should also take into account the references and reviews for any given agency. You can look around online for reviews of the agency.

Always read those reviews carefully. If someone complains, are their complaints specific or just general unhappiness that they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. Take specific complaints seriously and ask about those issues before hiring an agency.

Sales Lead Generation Agencies and You

When you consider sales lead generation agencies, you must take into account a range of significant factors.

You need an agency that offers the services you want. You want one that has experience in your industry. Ideally, the agency has been up and running for a few years.

Good reviews and references help assure you that prior customers got good results. You also need an agency you can afford, especially if you’re subscribing to an ongoing service.

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