Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants
source: interdent.com

The appearance of the first teeth in a child is usually a great joy to the parents. As the child grows, all the temporary teeth emerge, and by the age of six, they start shedding off. A permanent set of teeth appears gradually, and should any teeth from that set get out, the person remains toothless unless he decides to do an implant to replace the lost tooth. Dental implants jasper now comes as a solution to those in need of services regarding teeth replacement.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants refer to replacing the tooth root. The implants can be permanently fixed or removable teeth.

Is having a dental implant painful?

The procedure is usually not painful because the patient is put under local anesthesia or a sedative to reduce pain and numb the mouth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Improved speech

When a person has some missing teeth, it becomes difficult to pronounce some words because teeth help articulate correctly. When a dental implant is done, it reduces the mumbling of words, thus better pronunciation.

Eating becomes easier

After fixing the dental implants, one can eat all types of food with ease and no pain. The fact that the implants are firmly fixed reduces the chances of sliding during chewing.

Improved appearance and high self-esteem

A person’s appearance is greatly affected by teeth formation and how they fuse with the bone. The implant is permanently fused with the bone, thus, more beauty and higher esteem, boosting the person’s confidence.

Steps of dental implant surgery

Once the dentist decides to carry out a dental implant on a patient, several tests are done before the actual implantation of the teeth. Below are the steps one undergoes;

Dental exam

The first stage is to assess the patient’s dental health, where a CT scan does 3d imaging. The CT scan shows the condition of the bone to hold the implant.

Teeth removal

The oral surgeon removes the teeth to be replaced.

Bone graft

The dentist may realize that the bone to support the implant is weak and may opt to perform a bone graft where a bone is removed elsewhere in the body or a synthetic one is being used.

Implant insertion

After the bone grafting is done and given time to heal, the next is to put the artificial root in the bone. The procedure of bone grafting is done simultaneously with implant insertion if it’s a minor one.

Abutment added

Once the bone graft heals, the implant that holds the crown is put together by adding an abutment and closing the gum.

Inserting the crown

The crown is put in place, and the color, size, and shape are considered to ensure they resemble the other existing teeth.

The pain from teeth can rob one’s joy and requires immediate medical attention. Thanks to recent technological advancements, research has enabled dentists to restore their smiles. The qualified dentist needs to walk the patient through the journey of implanting a new tooth. Advanced dental care of East Texas are the experts in this field, and they boast many years of experience. To book an appointment with them, write an email or give them a call to make bookings.