Excess water in the body. How to deal with it?

Excess water in the body. How to deal with it?
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Water retention in the body causes great discomfort and a feeling of heaviness. It also disrupts the proper functioning of internal organs. The causes of these issues are numerous and said symptoms affect women much more often than men. How do you get rid of excessive body water?

Symptoms of water retention in the body

The symptoms that indicate an excess of water in the body are primarily a feeling of heaviness and weight gain. One day the pants fit perfectly, and the very next day, fastening the button turns out to be quite a challenge. It is similar to the feet that suddenly cannot fit into your favorite footwear due to the swelling. Many women also complain of water cellulite, which is mainly visible around the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. Less commonly occurring symptoms may be less frequent urination during the day, as well as fatigue and sleepiness. It is often accompanied by flatulence and hand swelling. So what are the causes of excess water in the body?

Reasons for water retention in the body

As previously mentioned, this mechanism is more common in women. This is mainly related to the functioning of their hormonal balance, as well as experiencing changes throughout the entire monthly cycle. Ladies mainly complain about the increase in weight in the second phase of the cycle shortly before their period. Although they are trying to blame changes in diet or not getting enough exercise, the truth is that extra kilograms are a result of water retention. Other reasons for storing water in the body include:

  • excessive consumption of salty foods;
  • insufficient amount of water drunk during the day;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • smoking tobacco;
  • eating too much carbohydrate and sugar;
  • taking certain medications;
  • water retention as a result of the disease.

How do remove excess water from the body?

The key action in the case of water retention in the human body is systematic fluid replenishment. The body stores water in most cases because the insufficient supply necessitates stockpiling in order to survive. Another key point is a decision to increase physical activity, which acts like a massage, pushing water out from the swollen areas. You can also opt for a Chinese cupping massage that eliminates water cellulite. How to get rid of excess water from the body so that the effect is fast? It is worth introducing an innovative product offered by the YourSecretIs store to your daily supplementation routine. Water Balance supplements are tablets that improve the performance of drainage mechanisms. This is due to the natural herbal ingredients, which are composed of – parsley, nettle, prickly pear, and dandelion.

In addition to quickly getting rid of extra water, Water Balance provides the body with valuable vitamins and microelements. To achieve the desired effect, you should take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water. Please note that the excess body water is merely a result, and getting to the source of the problem is the key to its solution.


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