Expressing Self: The Story Of Ruth Mwende Mutisya

The Mutisya

Ruth Mwende Mutisya has quickly become a rising star in the Kenyan Art Scene. She is known for her innovative artworks that allow expressing herself. Mutisya has been praised by critics and fellow artists alike for her unique approach to artmaking. Her work include abstract designs, which she uses to create powerful visual statements. Mutisya is a young artist who is quickly making a name for herself in the Kenyan art world.

Ruth enjoys abstract painting for the same reason that Picasso did: it allows viewers to see what they want to see. For Ruth, this is an adventure; she paints not to record reality, but to create her own world that others can enter and explore. In her paintings, Ruth seeks to provoke reactions and elicit emotions; she wants her viewers to feel something, even if they don’t understand what they’re seeing. Abstract painting is the perfect medium for Ruth because it allows her to tap into the viewer’s imagination and create a shared experience.

Ruth has always had a strong faith in herself and her work. This faith has been evident in the quality of her work, which has been recognised by many prominent artists in Kenya, including Cyrus Kabiru, Miriam Syowia Kyambi, and Kenyan politician Esther Passaris. Ruth’s faith in herself and her work has been a constant presence throughout her career, and it is this faith that has allowed her to achieve so much success.

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Ruth left, Kenyan Politician and County Woman Representative, Honorable Esther Passaris, right

Ruth Mwende Mutisya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Ruth has always been passionate about art, specifically visual art and sculpting, and she plans to pursue a career in teaching art once she graduates.