Five Plain Facts of a Smile Makeover

Five Plain Facts of a Smile Makeover

A beautiful smile is every person’s dream. The highest percentage of people will remember you after your first meeting due to the smile you display. However, not everyone is born with well-formed teeth that are sparkling white. That is why most people will not have a bright smile while others will avoid smiling since they are unconfident of their teeth’ appearance. If you are a victim of imperfect teeth that deny you the chance always to smile, you may be the right candidate to try the Tomball smile makeover. At Russell Family Dentistry, the team is always ready to end the embarrassment you encounter when you smile. They will change how your teeth look to ensure your smile back, which you share with others. Learn more about smile makeovers before booking your appointment.

Smile Makeover Involves Different Procedures

When you talk of a smile makeover, it does not mean it is a single procedure that will improve your smile. You have to undergo various procedures that may include replacing missing teeth, correcting misaligned teeth, replacing outdated procedures, and correcting improper bites. Your dentist will have to conduct a thorough examination and then make recommendations on the procedures you require for a smile makeover. You require to undergo teeth whitening or even implants to replace missing teeth. All these will help rejuvenate your smile.

Smile Makeover Is More Than Just Aesthetics

Though a smile makeover entails restoring your natural smile, there is so much to it. Your dentist will have to combine cosmetic and restorative procedures to achieve the desired results while attending to damaged and missing teeth. The dentist will also make recommendations on protecting your teeth after the procedure to avoid further damage. All these procedures will go hand in hand to keep your teeth longer and improve your overall health.

There Is No Age Limit for A Smile Makeover

A smile is for everyone, and therefore a makeover does not limit anyone from undergoing the procedure. Whether you are young or passed your teenage years, you are eligible for a smile makeover. Although the old may not undergo some procedures, many options are available to help achieve the same results.

You Do Not Have to Finish the Procedure to Know How You Will Look Like

Unlike the past procedures where you have to stay for long until the procedure is done to see how you look, technology has made things easier. Your dentist will show you what you should expect after a smile makeover during consultation.

Your Gum Matters Too

The health of your gum is essential in ensuring your teeth last longer. A smile makeover entails making your teeth look better. The dentist also must ensure your gum is healthy by treating any available conditions such as gum decay and sensitivity. A faulty gum will affect the outcome of a smile makeover.

A beautiful smile is contagious, and it is hard to have one of the teeth that are not as perfect as they should be. People have avoided smiling due to the condition of their teeth and fear of embarrassment. This should not be the case while having a smile makeover that can change everything. At Russell Family Dentistry, the team cares about your well-being and will ensure you have your natural smile back. Get rid of the gloomy face. You can start by booking an online consultation or calling their office today.