Food Items That Can Harm Your Teeth

Food Items That Can Harm Your Teeth

Irrespective of our age, it is necessary to look after our teeth. It is essential to monitor what we eat and how it affects our dental health. Many people neglect taking care of their dental health. In such cases, it only leads them to frequent follow-ups with a dental professional. If you want to get the best dental support, it would be advisable to consult a Dentist in St Clair Shores, MI

Different food items could leave behind bacteria and germs that could potentially harm the teeth. Teeth discoloration, swollen gums, etc., have been the common medical conditions when dental health has not been prioritized. Here are some of the everyday food items that could harm your teeth to give you more clarity.

  • Soft drinks 

Soft drinks like cola drinks are one of the most harmful items that one should avoid drinking. It does not necessarily fit inside the criteria of food items to avoid, but you must stay aware of its effects. Each soft drink, either sugar-free or not, contains acid. These acids could potentially harm your teeth and leave room for more cavities. Soft drinks have also been the primary cause of dental erosion. You should avoid drinking soft drinks to ensure your teeth are healthy. Items like green tea could be a helpful replacement to start. 

  • Sugar items 

Many food items contain sugar as their primary ingredient. One should avoid eating sugary sweets and candies that last long when you chew them. These sweets could likely affect your saliva, which helps digest food. Even if you cannot resist eating sugar candies and sweets, ensure to brush your teeth as soon as you consume such food items. Food items that have sugar could cause tooth decay and cavities. You should avoid eating cakes, candies, pies, desserts, etc., to ensure you are away from tooth decay. 

  • Citrus fruits

It may sound surprising, but citrus fruits have been the main reason behind decreased tooth enamel. Citrus fruits could be an essential food item in a well-balanced diet. However, citrus fruits contain citrus acid. It would be best for you to avoid fruits that contain any kind of acid. Acids could quickly decay the tooth and decrease the tooth enamel. 

  • Sauce 

Some of the sauces we eat, like the pasta sauce, could contain harmful acids. It is entirely safe to consume a type of sauce once. However, eating such food items regularly would not be an advisable factor for a dentist in St. Clair. You could use cheese as a substitute to avoid eating sauce.