Four Major Treatments for Depression

Four Major Treatments for Depression

Depression can be overwhelming as it affects one’s moods and health negatively. Every living moment may be intolerable. However, all is not lost Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions is your go-to solution if you are struggling with depression and need help. Several treatment options can treat mild to severe symptoms of depression, from medications to TMS. The treatments are more effective, quick, and cut across all ages and persons with depression and other mental health concerns.

What is Depression?

Depression negatively affects your feelings, thinking, and actions, posing it as a major medical issue. It can cause sadness and lead to losing interest in regular activities. Therefore, your ability to function normally at the workplace or school may reduce drastically if the condition is not treated.

How can you know Depression?

Depression comes with different symptoms that range from mild to severe. Feelings of sadness and moods of depression set in as the first symptoms. You lose interest in pleasurable activities, fatigue increases, and you have trouble sleeping at night. Failure to deal with depression early can lead to increased feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

What are the Available Treatments for Depression?

Your doctor can use various effective treatment options to address depression. They may include the options below.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS stimulates the brain’s nerve cells using magnetic pulses to improve depression symptoms. The treatment works effectively if all other treatment options for depression fail to work. Your doctor can do this procedure repetitively when delivering the magnetic pulses. These pulses ease the symptoms, thus improving your moods.

Psychiatry Consultation

These consultations involve sessions where you sit and discuss your symptoms and set up a treatment plan. A session can take up to several hours, depending on how severe your depression is and your willingness to provide information. There may be a discussion of your mental health goals, how to improve, and history, including medical and family. Once the consultation is through, you may get different treatment options, including medications, TMS, or therapies.


Ketamine therapy may be beneficial for depression when other treatments do not work. The therapy can include IV infusions through a catheter that delivers ketamine solution into your system. Spravato treatment uses a nasal spray to pass treatment through your nose into your body. Both treatments can greatly improve the symptoms of depression. Ketamine is powerful in lifting moods, especially for those with thoughts of suicide.


Botox may be commonly known for its aesthetic uses in treating wrinkles and facial lines. Additionally, it can effectively treat depression and its symptoms. The injection works by stopping your muscles from creating a frown. Consequently, this sends signals to your brain that improve your mood. You can resume your normal activities after the injection, and the results can last up to four weeks.

Visit or call Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions if you need treatment for depression. They specialize in offering life-changing treatments for depression, thereby giving you a chance to enjoy life. Do not let depression affect your way of life or be a cause of burden to those you love. Seek treatment today. You can also make an online appointment.