PDFBear: Your Free Online Converter Tool For All Your PDF Needs

Free Online Converter Tool For All Your PDF
Free Online Converter Tool For All Your PDF

The internet contains millions of online tools that could aid you in addressing your needs. From video instructions of a particular object of your interest to applications for keeping and editing necessary documents, you can freely search the web for them. But if you are looking for the best tool that will convert your files into quality PDF format ones, PDFBear and SodaPDF is an online tool that can satisfy that specific need.

Do you have a last-minute realization that your file should have been in PDF format? PDFBear can easily erase that problem of yours. Hesitating because you do not know how? Don’t worry; PDFBear has easy to follow steps available for you to access every feature that may be helpful for you. Additionally, PDFBear is easy to use and is readily accessible no matter what country you may be from, and it is also available at any time. It is also a free word to PDF converter tool that helps you get your task faster.

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PDFBear: Word to PDF Converter

Every online tool has different requirements for you to access it fully. One good thing you will find with PDFBear is that you are free to use it. It will cost you nothing, and it doesn’t require you to add an email address or register to use it and access its features.

PDFBear is the ultimate online converter. You can freely convert your files, especially your Word files, to PDFs. If you are wondering how to do so, you can find it in the online tool. When you select a feature, it displays a pattern of instruction that you can follow accordingly. Moreover, converting your Word files is possible in a few easy steps.

Here’s how:

  • You will have to select the Word file you need to convert. Then, you can upload it to the online tool.
  • PDFBear detects the file format and begins the conversion process once you click the convert button.
  • The process starts.
  • When it is over, your file is ready for download, and also, if you wish to send it directly to the recipient of your choice, you can do that too.

PRO Member of PDFBear

PDFBear is free. However, you also have the option to be a PRO member. This time, you will have to input your email address and pay a monthly or yearly fee to keep your membership. With this, you can access PDFBear’s other features available only for PRO members. One of which is that you have an unlimited amount of OCR tasks, and you can upload and edit as many files as you wish and need to.

Additionally, the free version restricts how large the files it is willing to accept for upload. If you become a PRO member, however, these restrictions will not apply.

How To Access PDFBear

PDFBear is available online. Using either your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, you can gain access when you connect to the internet. You can easily search it in your browser and begin using it right away. 

This web-based converter is beneficial as it won’t even take up any space on your gadgets. As long as you have your device or gadgets and a stable connection to the internet, you are good to go. Furthermore, you don’t need to be in a specific country to gain access to the website.

Other Available Features

PDFBear is not only ideal for conversion, but it also offers several other useful features. With PDFBear, you can split your PDF files when you need to. You may find yourself panicking upon seeing a page or two that might contain errors, or you might need to extract a few pages. Of course, if you can split, you can also combine them back when necessary.

PDFBear is also ideal for merging your PDF files. You can guarantee that it is of high quality. Additionally, you can also compress your files when they are too large for your liking without compromising the quality. You even have the option to remove or delete some pages you do not wish to include in your final output. Hence, PDFBear can aid you in having your PDF files well-organized. Plus, with PDFBear, your data remains intact. You do not lose, and it doesn’t affect the details in your files after performing the selected tasks.