Freelancing Guide for Beginners

Freelancing Guide for Beginners

Freelancing Guide for Beginners. The words I will say have been told many times. The front will also be called. Yet this is written to remind everyone. Before that, let me tell you two real stories.

Story 1:

The tortoise has no teeth. But his jaw is very tight. How strong Many on the Discovery Channel have 
seen turtles, 
breaking bones with bites. It is said that if a turtle catches someone in a bite, it does not leave him 
Then the only way to get rid of him is to cut his throat.
If you can stay like a turtle, then freelancing is for you.
Story 2:

The story of the owner of the house where we had our office rented in my previous shop. 
His home is Vikrampur. 
At the age of 6, his father drove him to the grocery store. 
Job in the stomach That is, learning to work three meals a day. After a few years, however, 
the slight wages began to 
pay off. After 12 years of service, he started an independent business with the permission 
of the Master. 
This is their tradition. His businessman is 20 years old. He has become a billionaire long ago. 
He made his house with Tk 5 crore. Total assets are not quantified or said. 
You will find the teaching of this story at the end of this article.

Why am I writing this?

Why Writing
Many people inbox me every day, how is freelancing easy to learn? Which task is easiest? How many days can I get an income? Do I work How much is my income? Can I link it to my profile? Can you give me some work? And so on. Too tired to give an answer. Not everyone can answer. Freelancing is not for those who ask such questions. I have worked in a few jobs before, have experience in the business. I think the most difficult thing I’ve done is freelancing. It’s so hard, to tell the truth before I knew it, I didn’t come to this line.

How long does it take to learn something new?

learn something
Learn freelancing in 7 days” or “Learn freelancing in a month” or just be a graphic designer in just three days, many people are interested in learning freelancing by seeing the titles of this type. Trapped in clever advertising, many may have been trained and taken from these training centers. But what can be learned in those days? The answer is no. In fact, it doesn’t take 3 days to know what freelancing, how to do, how to build a career online. A few hours is enough to make a few bases. But the knowledge, the skill it takes to do freelancing, can it be learned in those days? The simple answer is of course not. It’s not easy to have a freelance or online career, and there is a lot of skill, effort, and practice involved. It may be possible to get basic ideas in those days but to be successful, it may take months, even months, or years of practice.
The freelancing flame is not the key to building a career online. The key is to acquire skills and apply those skills. It looks like “learn to freelance in 7 days” or “learn web development or programming in 7 days”. In fact, we want to learn everything quickly, as easily as possible to earn money. And the cheaters take this opportunity. Can anyone really learn anything in such a short time? Researchers (Bloom (1985), Bryan & Harter (1899), Hayes (1989), Simmon & Chase (1973)) have shown that it takes about ten years to become an expert on a particular topic. This is true for a wide range of fields such as playing chess, playing music, painting, playing piano, swimming, tennis, football, cricket, and so on.
Truth is, there is no easy shortcut anywhere. Even Mozart, who was thought to be a musical genius at just 8 years old, has taken another 5 years to write his first world-class music. What should I do Do I have enough time on my hands? Can I spare enough time? If the answers to the questions are not answered, at one point we will become frustrated instead of learning. If you want to do good freelancing should start with enough time.

Now, this guideline:

Freelancing is the best of all sectors. Learn what works best for you. However, freelancing should be taken full-time and not full-time. If you are already getting greed for money, then freelancing is not for you. By the time I read my writing, many of those who are new to freelancing may be disappointed. Many people may think I’m talking about learning something for nine years. Not really. Freelancing does not take much time to learn anything specific, to begin with. Fields are usually sufficient for 6 months to 2 years. Do a lot of net basics first, collect some tutorials and watch them. Get help from an experienced person. But you have to decide. You decide what you like best. Remember that it is very important to select the topic. Don’t forget what you don’t like and don’t force it. Unnecessarily wasting your time.
Once the subject is selected, he starts learning the task. Minimum 5 years learn the job well. Any electricity guru is facing. So it is good to learn from someone with experience. Because what you learn from Google in 6 years, you can learn from experienced people in 6 months. It’s like my personal This will save you a lot of time. After that, you will do an internship for 6 months. That means the professional will work for free. Open the profile in the marketplace and start bidding. It may be a little late to get to work, and then you can get faster. You have to wait patiently (like a turtle). Once you get the job done, you don’t have to look back. Hopefully, you can eat the rest of your life with it. That’s why I told two startup stories.

What if I can’t find a guru or mentor?

The question is natural, what if I do not get someone experienced to learn? Then you can say that you can get admission to a training center. There are many good training centers now. What if you still do not have a good training center in your neighborhood? Give up? The question does not come. The Internet is the largest school in the world. There are two teachers in that school. One is Google, the other is YouTube. Both are very good teachers. For those who have no mentor or mentor or training center, this is the best of Google. I myself just learned freelancing by Google. Although it has taken a long time I still succeeded in your prayers. But there is only one problem with these two teachers. They will never come and teach you. They will teach you only if you wish. If you can teach anything to these teachers, be sure that that education will be the best education in your life.

Finally, one thing is to say, that if someone wants to get something from their mind, then no binding 
is actually made. 
If someone wants to do something from his mind, the Creator helps him. Make his job easy. So if you 
really want to 
do freelancing from the mind, then no binding is actually tied. If the goal is unwavering, if you have faith 
in your heart, 
then you will see that victory!
Writing became too big. Thanks for your patience!