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Fruit Peel Effect On Health and beauty

Fruit Peel Effect On Health and beauty

Fruit Peel Effect On Health and beauty

Fruit Peel Effect On Health and beauty. Most people peel fruit before eating and do not know that fruit peel effect and beauty wonders in preventing disease.

Here is the magical effect of the fruit peel:

Banana peel

The Banana peel contains active ingredients to inhibit fungi and bacteria. Banana peel can treat fungal infections due to skin irritation. There is also the effect of the circuit, laxative. Smashed banana peel to add ginger to combat arthritis can reduce pain, use banana peels can be rubbed on the limbs preventive winter chapped skin.
Additionally, the crushed dried banana powder can make very good cosmetic beauty.
Use pieces of banana peel gently massage onto face, then apply on the acne spot about 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Acne can not be supported soon. For your own dry skin can get a banana peel rub on the face, so for 10 minutes, then rinse with water, and you will have smooth, shiny skin.

Also banana skin whitening effect, you can brush your teeth with normal toothpaste usual, then use the inside of a banana skin (the banana is ripe, the new shell contains high levels of potassium ) gently rub the teeth of 2 minutes, the minerals present in the ripe banana peel will penetrate the surface of the teeth and brighten teeth.

Watermelon peel

It is possible to dissipate the heat and soft, clear heat detoxification, better bowel watermelon shell. Agree to use watermelon peel and juice melon heat effect, sorrow dissipates, hypotension. Also, rind also works very well for anemia, dry throat, bladder inflammation, cirrhosis and ascites, nephritis.


There may eat the flesh of the shell directly watermelon, peel or chopped dry-roasted, and then watercolor to treat inflammation, heat, swelling of the mouth is quite effective. In addition, watermelon shell also contributes a positive role in acne.

Apple peel

The results of the study showed that U.S. Scientists work to prevent apple skin cancer effectively. Because the apple peel contains many nutrient compositions similar types of components can fight breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer. Moreover, these nutrients may be useful in supporting cancer cells to produce antibodies favorable.

Apples help clean plaque at the base of a natural tooth. They also help remove yellow spots on teeth. However, scientists do not recommend eating apples and apple peel unknown origins in order to avoid poisoning by pesticides, drugs … Cause growth.


Cases have welding sour pear, heart and lungs with cool effects, except saltpeter sputum. Can crushed disrespectful treatment of ulcers and swelling of the skin wound. Fresh pear peel watercolors many times can sound unique objective inflammation.

The more smokers, lung injury should eat more fruit, and remember that eating the crust. By peel pears contain antimicrobial agents in the lungs, increasing the body’s resistance and support a healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, it is a common folk cooking pears with a brown sugar crust for coughs, colds, and the effect of alcohol.

Cucumber peel

Cucumber peels slightly acrid taste, the bottle, nutrient-rich, potentially cooling the body … Eating the peeled cucumber will help you absorb Vitamin C is in better melon, melon shell plastic material to enhance the functions to detoxify the body. However, before you eat the cucumber skin, you should wash melons’ attention then dilute brine for 30 minutes to ensure hygiene.

Peel tomatoes

Lycopene in tomatoes is considered natural nutrients help effective antioxidant, can prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer. Which nutrients have a huge amount of tomato skins? Therefore, when eaten raw or cooked tomatoes should not be peeled.

Grapefruit peel

Grapefruit peel traditional medicine called orange buoy, bitter, spicy, with a diuretic, expectorant consumption, blood draws pain, edema treatment. If you only take away the white shell is green except the work style, sputum loss, stomach pain, bloating, undigested food, ho. The active ingredients (essential oils) in grapefruit peel are effective at reducing blood fat, reduces hepatic steatosis. Rice grapefruit sour, the cold, cure anorexia, fatigue, indigestion, poisoning. It is also used grapefruit juice medicines and complimentary appetizers help digestion, anti-bleeding, and cooling the body, helping mentally relaxed.

Orange peel, tangerine

Orange peel, tangerine contains vitamin C, carotene, protein. Eating porridge orange peel, the citrus fragrance has a mouth sputum loss effect, treat bloating, indigestion. Tea drinking orange peel, tangerine increase the appetite, ventilation, uplifting. Drink soaked with orange peel, tangerine consumption effects sputum, lung cleansing.

Peel squash

The majority of water and fruit squash is fat. In medicine, the whole squash plants, including stems, leaves, fruits, pods, and seeds are good medicine, not poison. Especially, peel zucchini work targets inflammation, which is very good for people with diabetes.

It uses sound and heat treatable kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease caused by edema, bloating, indigestion, … Also, excellent use of zucchini shells with water to wash the feet to foot odor treatment.

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