Get Effective and Individualized ADHD Treatment

Get Effective and Individualized ADHD Treatment

Approximately eight million adults in the US suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This disorder makes it hard for adults or children to get along well at work or in daily activities, causing them to be disruptive. If ADHD affects you regularly, the mental specialists under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Alvarado provide a comprehensive range of treatments, including neurofeedback in Midtown, New York, NY, SoHo, NY, Miami, FL, & Los Angeles, CA. For more inquiries, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a behavioral or mental disorder that affects your attention and focus. The disorder can develop from childhood through your adulthood. It also makes it challenging for you to concentrate at home, in school, and stick to the task at hand. ADHD also causes a child to move excessively, unable to keep still and complete home or schoolwork. They might also regularly be caught in trouble for distracting others or failing to complete a task. 

What Are the Causes of ADHD?

So far, there is no scientific evidence on the exact cause of ADHD and why some people get ADHD. However, some factors elevate the risk of developing the disorder. Some of these factors include:

  •         Exposure to toxins during childhood.
  •         Having a family history of ADHD.
  •         Experiencing developmental problems in the central nervous system.
  •         Smoking or abusing alcohol during pregnancy.
  •         Early exposure to environmental toxins such as lead.

ADHD affects social, work interactions, and individual relationships, hence lowering your quality of life. Therefore, in case you are experiencing any ADHD, it is essential to seek mental health care.

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD causes a variety of symptoms which vary from emotional and behavioral issues. Some of the common symptoms include:

  •         Being disorganized.
  •         Talking nonstop.
  •         Being easily distracted and unable to stick to a single routine.
  •         Having excessive energy.
  •         Losing important items regularly.
  •         Regular mood swings.
  •         Making decisions without considering its risks.
  •         Poor time management.
  •         Restlessness.
  •         Being fast to anger.
  •         Hard finishing tasks and coping with stress.

Individuals with ADHD find work, school, and regular activities challenging. You are more likely to get into trouble as you have problems observing acceptable behavior.

What Are the Available ADHD Treatments?

If you have any ADHD related-symptoms, you don’t have to learn how to manage the symptoms on your own. The Thriving Center of Psychology physicians talks with you to educate you on your symptoms and how they affect your life. The team provides state-of-art neurofeedback, which comprises electroencephalography or EEG biofeedback ADHD training.

This treatment is non-invasive and involves placing various electrodes on your scalp and reading the brainwaves over a computer monitor. The specialist will interpret that information and use it to teach you how to regulate your brain back to the normal patterns on your own. The doctor might also recommend combining other treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, stress management techniques, online video teletherapy, etc.

Do not struggle with ADHD again. The Thriving Center of Psychology team provides a range of innovative treatments to help you cope better with the symptoms.  For more inquiries on ADHD management, call or book an appointment online today.