Glow in the Dark Epoxy Floor: How To Create


Glow In The Dark Epoxy Floor: If you are thinking about installing a glow in the dark epoxy floor in your home, there are several different options you can consider. You can use a single color, or you can combine two colors to produce a special effect. Using two colors will minimize the possibility of soft spots in the casting. This guide will cover how to make two colors glow in the dark.


Terraglow is a new generation of epoxy flooring that glows in the dark when charged with light. It provides a decorative surface and increases safety in low-light settings. This innovative product is also easy to install and mold. It can be applied to nearly any project, whether it’s a commercial or residential one. Its versatility makes it ideal for showrooms, sports facilities, production areas, and other environments where there’s little or no light.

The glow-in-the-dark effect is produced by tiny flakes that store energy when exposed to light. This charge enables the flakes to glow until the next time they’re exposed to light. Depending on how long they’re exposed to light, the glow is visible for about three to five hours. The flakes protect the floor from the weight of heavy footballs and wheeled equipment, and from impact of falling tools.

A glow-in-the-dark epoxy floor can be used in a variety of safety applications, such as warehouses. Warehouse floors are often dazzled when a power cut occurs, so this option is beneficial during the darkest hours. Additionally, nightclubs, stadiums, and other venues can make use of this product for safety reasons. In addition to safety concerns, the product can enhance a venue’s aesthetics by providing a colorful backdrop for important signage and safety information.

Glow-in-the-dark epoxy floors are a unique way to enhance the interior design of a room. You can save on electricity costs by installing a glow-in-the-dark floor. It can also make a room look more beautiful by the night.


A glow in the dark epoxy floor is a great way to add fun and excitement to your home. Not only is it fun to look at, but it is durable and easy to clean. GloPoxy is an epoxy resin that is formulated with high-grade photo luminescent ingredients. During the day, the resin absorbs light energy, but when exposed to darkness, the energy is released, creating a glowing effect.

Before applying GloPoxy, prepare your floor using denatured alcohol or isopropyl or denatured alcohol. Its high-grade ingredients and EcoPoxy resin system are ideal for creating a brilliant glow, and the suspended particles are incredibly dense. In the dark, the floor will have a stunning glow that will make everyone’s neighbors jealous.

This high-performance epoxy creates a durable finish that will not yellow, fade or crack. It can also withstand high-traffic areas. It’s perfect for embedding mementos. It can be built up to 1/4″ thick and will be impervious to wear and tear.

To learn more about this revolutionary new product, consider joining the GloPoxy newsletter. You can receive free updates on new product launches and special offers from the company. GloPoxy also offers free shipping. It’s easy to order online. You can also order the product from their store.

Spartacote Flex XPL clear topcoat finish with Spartacote Grip Traction Additive

If you are looking to create a floor with a glow in the dark effect, you can apply a custom blend of white, black and red flakes on your floor. Then, use Spartacote Flex XPL as a clear topcoat finish. This epoxy floor coating has a grip traction additive that gives it a glow in the dark appearance.

This two-part polyaspartic polyurea coating has minimal odor and is suitable for both protective and decorative applications. It has low viscosity and is UV stable. Its low gloss and no-VOC characteristics make it an ideal choice for use as a clear topcoat finish on resinous flooring systems.

Creating a glow-in-the-dark epoxy floor

Glow in the dark epoxy floors are easy to install and blend into concrete, offering a classic appeal that will endure for decades. They can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, including warehouse floors, stadium floors, nightclubs, and basements. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a safety benefit during power cuts.

You can create a glow-in-the-dunk epoxy floor using a single color or a range of colors. It is best to use two colors, as using a single color may lead to soft spots in the cast. However, if you are a beginner, it’s best to start small and practice before moving onto the next step.

The first step is to apply the epoxy resin casting. This will provide the floor with a non-slip surface and glows in the dark after a brief exposure to light. When the floor is lit, it will be even brighter than the daytime version.

You can also use a UV light to enhance the glow effect. The UV light will instantly charge the glow particles and can be placed on a timer. Some customers even replace the overhead light with a UV bulb. You can also add a metallic finish grout to give the floor a bold look.