Golf Guides: What Equipment Is Used for Golf?

Golf Guides: What Equipment Is Used for Golf?

There is no doubting the popularity of golf. 101 million people, or one out of every three Americans over the age of 6, plays or involves themself with the game!

So, now you want to join in on the trend too. But that means you need to outfit yourself with all the necessary equipment! Well, you are in luck, we have what is one of the best golf guides right here for you so you can score a hole in one!

Table of Contents

All the Best Golf Guides Begin With the Clubs

Of course, the first place you are going to start for a great golf game is the set of clubs you have. But what makes up the best set of clubs and what are each of the clubs exactly used for?


Named for their “ancestors”, the heads of these clubs were at one time made completely of wood. Nowadays they are primarily constructed of metal and are large, rounded with a flat bottom, and the smaller angle to the ground of all the clubs.

The small-angle is what gives this club the power it has, especially the 1-wood or the driver which is used for covering the longest of distances.


With a higher angle of loft to the ground, these clubs come in nine different sizes and while used for a moderate distance are not utilized for the same distances as the “driver”.

Sizes one to three are short irons and are used for the longest of distances but are also the hardest to master. Four to six are middle irons, and seven to nine are short each decreasing in distance and difficulty as they drop.


These clubs are used to get a ball to the putting surface, often from a difficult spot. Or from a distance that is far enough from the green that a putter is not appropriate, but not so far that you would need a larger iron.

There are four types of wedge all with specific uses ;

  • Gap
  • Sand
  • Lob
  • Pitching


The club that is most used, sealing the deal, moving the ball on the green and into the hole. As with the other types of clubs, there are several types of putters as well;

  • Heel-toe
  • Traditional Blade
  • Mallet Clubhead

The changes are generally for personal playstyle and preference. They don’t have situational differences like the wedge for example.

You can find some of the best clubs and their reviews at

The Gloves

You aren’t going to hit that long ball or have the precision for scoring below par if your hands are beat up. That is where a good pair of gloves come in.

It is almost certain that you will begin to develop blisters after a few rounds of golf. A good pair of gloves will protect against that. Not only that but they will also improve your grip, therein improve your swing!

If the Shoe Fits…

In any sport, form is important, and golf is no exception. A good pair of golf shoes is going to aid you in keeping that form solid. This is especially true when you are dealing with a wet course.

However, be careful with shoes that have metal spikes. There are often restrictions on these because they can cause damage to some courses.

Equipped for a Hole in One

You‘ve equipped yourself with the best golf guides, your checklist to your equipment! Now it is time to go hit the course and join the huge community that continues to grow in popularity.

After you play that perfect game, why not come back and see what other great content we have curated for you? There’s plenty more that we can help you learn.