Green Tea Comparison With Kratom

Green Tea Comparison With Kratom
Green Tea Comparison With Kratom

Green tea is produced from Camellia sinensis this type of tea uses leaves of plants gone through an industrial process and other processes of oxidation to make other teas like black tea, and green tea etc. This plant also makes oolong tea, and it is native tea belongs to China and spread to East Asia and the whole world by now Different varieties of Camellia sinensis are grown at a different temperature, areas, grown in different ways, and harvesting is done at separate times to produce various types of green tea. Due to its benefits, it was the most popular drink in China, and gradually it became a part of lifestyle by travelling time. We will compare Green Tea with its strong Opponent Kratom further.



Kratom tea is made from leaves of an angiosperm tree called Mitragyna Speciosa from Rubiaceae family. It belongs to the coffee family in general. Ever since the plant is native of some Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc. it is used as a tea for the daily morning as well as it has been used as a herbal medicine for many centuries till now. The process of Kratom use as tea is similar to other teas. The leaves are processed and dried in powder form and used with water or milk to make tea for a better day.


The difference of Benefits on Human Health

As we know, Kratom and Green tea stand side by side in terms of their unique benefits and needs in terms of the human body. If we talk about Kratom it is a great energy booster used in the morning and so is green tea, a common energy provider for an active daily routine. Still, Kratom holds other benefits in term of health and disease prevention. Kratom is an effective herb for pain prevention, and it holds anaesthesia effects in itself. It is a natural sedative used in many countries to control and contribute to the remedies for the treatment of chronic diseases. People all over the world use this tea to have better focus, have a relaxing effect after a hectic daily routine, pain killer, and anxiety treatments and much more.

On the other hand, Green Tea holds it’s own benefits. This tea is very famous for its effectiveness against fat loss. It helps reducing obesity on an effective rate, but it secretly holds many other benefits for the human body as well. It hydrates the body and helps to control and erasing toxic components from the body. It helps in preventing cancer and inflammation. It is a natural energy booster having many antioxidants which makes the body healthier and fit. And treat many types of cancers, like breasts and prostate cancer. Green tea has bioactive components in it which help to cope up with the neural diseases, Dementia and Parkinson disease.


Other Differences

 Kratom and Green Tea holds other differences as well. Some are explained below:

  • Kratom is taken as a harmful drug in many countries, but on the other hand, Green Tea is very famous and used daily everywhere around the world.
  • The Taste of Green Tea is very different from the Kratom Green tea is usually 99.9% water and is used with sugar so it tastes good and serves able where on the other hand Kratom tastes Grassy and can’t be handle on first time take. Some people mask its effect using acidic juice in it or with it.
  • Kratom is illegal in many countries as told in the first point, so it is not that famous as well, but Green tea is a popular beverage in the world as compare to Kratom. Almost every home has Green tea but not Kratom.

Kratom is mostly taken as a natural solution for body problems and diseases. Most of the people take it as pain killer or stimulant, but on the Other hand, Green is taken as a normal beverage for a daily energy boost, staying fit and weight loss remedy mostly. So Green Tea as compare to Kratom is more like a beverage, but Kratom is more likely to be treated as herbal medicine.