Hair Transplant | notion, result and expense


So many reasons people are losing their hair soon, which is unexpected. However, there are so many solutions, but nothing is permanent, but if you compare with all of them, I believe only the hair transplant is the best thing, and this is permanent. There are a lot of people did Hair transplant in Turkey, and they got a good result. Since there is a lot of curiosity about this treatment, I should feature a hair transplant today. In this article, you will know how hair transplants work and its result. I hope you will be able to decide whether you are going to transplant your hair or not.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is all about picking hair root from any portion of your head. And graft that hair on another part of your head. But in some cases, hair can be collected from chest hair or another hair source from the same man. Because this technique has a reasonable success rate, many celebrities have used this treatment to hide their bald.

How does hair transplant work?

There are 2 formulas for hair transplant. One of FUE, and another one is FUI. Comparatively, FUE is too much famous. In this technique, the surgeon will cut the skin from a total hair area from your scalp. And then extract all the hair roots from that skin. After that, he will implant all the roots on the hairless portion. But in FUI, there is no chance to cut off any skin. Instead, by using technology, surgeons take off each root of hair from hairy areas. And then implant on the expected head zone.

The result after transplanting hair

If you have transplant your hair on expert hands, you must have some excellent and impressive results. Most of the case this result become visualize within three months. After the transplant, those transplanted hairs will start to fall. But the root of that hair will stay grafted there. And then, after many days there, new hair started to rise. In the average case, 60% of grafted hair remain in the bald scalp. But some of the issues, more than 80% success is also found.

Expense and cost of transplant

This is true that a hair transplant is a bit expensive. But this is not that expensive that most people are thinking about this. Most of the case, the transplant’s expense depends on how much hair you want to transplant. Even it can be less or more than how experienced your doctor is.

You should remember that a hair transplant is a good solution, but if you don’t follow the rules and regulations, your hair fall will not turn off. So you should follow all the rules and regulation that doctor suggest you. Among those rules are doing some exercise, getting good food, leaving smoking, and proper sleep. Many more are listed. Even you should take some medicine too. That medicine is suggested to make your hair stronger. Trust me. If you can follow the rules and regulations, a hair transplant is the best solution for you.


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