Health Insurance: New lease on life

Health Insurance: New lease on life

One of the most important things which everyone should care about is having proper health and fitness. Health can be considered as one among those things which will definitely make the life of the individual difficult, if not taken care of in an effective way. Health should be the first priority. One should take a healthy diet and should exercise on a daily basis. It is always observed that healthy people are the biggest asset of the country. Healthy people will make the environment around him cheerful. But, the uncertainty of life is something that everyone is familiar with. Anything can happen to any person at any second. Thus, it is very necessary to have a backup plan for the future.

Insurance is one of the solutions to this kind of problem.

Insurance is now a necessity these days. There are large policies available in the market for people to choose from. People can take up this insurance on the basis of their budget. In simple words, Insurance can be defined as the agreement between the company and the individual that the company will pay his medical dues if the customer has taken up the insurance from the respective organizations and paid all the premium in a timely manner.

This article deals with all the necessary details which should be compared while taking up health insurance for one’s family. Health insurance compare is really important, so that one can get better benefits.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is the criteria of the age.Different insurance companies keep different criteria on the basis of age. One should look for that company that suits his criteria of age and also provide him with lifetime coverage.
  • The second thing to keep in mind is that the company should provide a premium rate that can be flexible to one’s budget.
  • After having viewed the policies of different companies, one should look for that company which provides the best benefits at minimum prices and also provides the best discount to its customers.
  • The plan should cover more ailments or diseases , the company which provides cover to more ailments should be the one to be chosen.
  • One should look for the network of the company with hospitals all over the country. The company which has the best network and tie-up with hospitals should be the one which one should look for.
  • The company should provide a complete package that is hospitalization, medicine, and complete treatment of the patient. The company which provides all the three things should be the one to go for.
  • In these difficult times, the company should also provide a cover for the deadly covid-19 virus, because anything can happen at any moment of life.
  • The company should provide an annual checkup to its users or customers so that the users get to know what vitamins they are lacking and which diseases they are suffering from.
  • The automatic recharge facility should be provided by the company in order if the person gets caught with more than one disease in a year then he can automatically renew his account with help of recharging if the patient has exhausted his existing insured sum of money.
  • The claim settlement ratio is something that is necessary to be checked upon. The company which has a higher claim settlement ratio should be chosen. According to the claim settlement ratio, it is the accuracy of the settling of the claim with the hospital.
  • The thing which although looks small, but is necessary to be checked is the user reviews of the company. One should always believe in the words of someone who has used it. If the reviews of the company are good, then the company can be trusted upon.

These are some basic criteria that should be checked if one needs to compare and take up the insurance for a better and safe future for the loved ones.


Let’s discuss what will happen if an individual doesn’t compare between various insurance policy companies.

  • The first thing that could happen is that he will buy health insurance which may not fulfill his demands.
  • The premium rates are very high even for the basic health insurance plan.
  • The stakes are high that the company will not provide an add-on in order to boost up the coverage of one’s policy.
  • The claim may get rejected due to a lack of information about the term and policies of the company.

In a nutshell, one can easily get trapped in a fake promise, if one doesn’t compare insurance policies of different companies online or offline.

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