Healthcare Services At Home For Elderly

Healthcare Services At Home For Elderly
Healthcare Services At Home For Elderly

India is a young country with a 35% young population, but we cannot ignore the fact that the elderly population is also growing in the country. If reports are to be believed, the elder population in India is all set to reach 34 crores by 2050 which is higher than the estimated number of United Nations of 31.68 crores. According to census data, the three largest causes of old age deaths in rural India in 1995 were trachea – inflammation/asthma (25.8%), heart attack (13.2%), and paralysis (8.5%). With this, healthcare services at home for the elderly become a necessity.

Relevance Of In-Home Patient Care Services 

The world is going through an age of disruptions. From emerging technologies to the changing lifestyle, human lives have completely changed. The young generation needs time for their studies and career and during this, they sometimes need to live away from their beloved elderly. In this situation, the old-age people remain alone at home. This isolation kills them from within. However, care for elders is important to ensure happiness among them.

As per the studies, more than 10% of the elderly in India are depressed due to their loneliness and 40-50% of the people in this age group need psychiatric intervention at some point in their life. All these issues of the elderly can be easily dealt with proper patient care services at home. All you need is to hire a trusted caregiver for your ageing parents or grandparents.

Regular Home Care Versus Professional Care

Professional caregiving services are trusted for seniors. Their care is entrusted to a dedicated health manager, who ensures that the elderly are provided with better healthcare facilities and also makes sure to fulfil their everyday needs. It has been noticed that the elders get better care with professionally trained caregivers than any of the family members. While family members care for them as per their limited knowledge but professional caregivers understand all their nutritional and physical needs. While family members can only offer them love but professional care providers understand the physical, mental and social needs of the elderly and give their best to fulfil all their needs. Also, from providing them with the required amount of nutrition for physical health to keeping them engaged in fun mind games for mental health, professional caregiving services are best for senior citizens. Lastly, they ensure that the elders feel love and heard.

Benefits Or Professional Caregiving At Home

  • Experienced Team

When you hire a professional caregiving service for the elderly, they get support from an experienced team. With years of experience, the professionals are aware of every aspect of geriatric service and elderly health.

  • Personalized Care Plans

Every individual is different and can’t be treated with the same approach. Therefore, professional patient care services offer you personalized care plans where you can choose only the services that the individual requires. It doesn’t only save costs but also addresses the needs and requirements of each elder.

  • Constantly Trained

Unlike family members, professional caregivers aren’t just trained but constantly trained. Being a professional caregiver, they’re provided with timely training with regular drills to deal with different situations. Also, they must keep their medical certifications, i.e. ACLS, updated.

  • At-Home Medical Services

With professional patient care services, one doesn’t have to rush here and there for their medical requirement rather they’re provided with all the required services within the comfort of their own home. This saves a lot of time and money that gets wasted in up and down.

  • 100% Verified

If you hire professional caregivers, one thing is sure that the person who is taking care of your elders is 100% verified, thus you can be assured that they’re in safe hands. Since it also includes the reputation of the caregiving company, they ensure to provide you with the best with complete transparency and accountability.

  • Thoroughly Evaluated

As we said above, that in professional caregiving, it also includes the reputation of the service provider, so to ensure a better service, their plans and methods of caregiving are always checked and thoroughly evaluated.

The Bottom Line

Do you also want to take care of your beloved elders in a professional way? Hire Healthcare Services At Home for them. To hire the best caregivers in the city, connect with Emoha eldercare at 1800-123-445555 or The well-trained caregivers at Emoha assist the elderly for services such as doctor visits, diagnostic services, nurses, trained attendants, pharmacy, Healthcare Services At Home for Elderly.