Healthy Eating Tips to Kick Off the New Year

Healthy Eating Tips to Kick Off the New Year
Healthy Eating Tips to Kick Off the New Year

A lot has been said and written about healthy eating, and every year, people pledge to eat healthier. But many fall short of those pledges shortly after the new year kicks off. The foods we incorporate into our diets vary with age, activity, and the available foods in our communities. But regardless of your culture, there is a mutual understanding that healthy eating helps our bodies fend off infections, obesity, and later-in-life problems like diabetes. Healthy eating is one of those things that is easier said than done. Every year, people commit to new diets and weight loss plans, but most cannot follow through. So, whatever your new year resolution is, committing to a healthy eating plan will provide benefits that will go beyond the year and well into your future. Read on to explore our healthy eating tips to kick off the new year right!

Cut Back on Sugar Intake

Weight gain and obesity experts have asserted time, and time again that excessive sugar intake is harmful to our health. Besides being bad for weight control, it can cause oral health issues, even rotting your teeth. It isn’t easy to notice, but most sugars are hidden in processed drinks and foods. A single can of soda, for instance, can contain sugar that is equivalent to at least ten teaspoons. Your best alternative this year is to try out a diet drink or cut out the soda altogether. Remember, healthy eating takes sacrifice, but the rewards can last a lifetime.

To limit sugar intake, try the following:

  • Avoid processed foods. Instead, eat fresh snacks.
  • Limit the intake of powder concentrates, energy or sports drinks, fruit juices, and fizzy drinks.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption

For most, this can be a big challenge. First and foremost, alcohol, in many cultures, is associated with all forms of celebrations. Even as we celebrate the new year, with new weight loss goals in mind, heavy alcohol consumption comes with the territory. You shouldn’t put healthy eating and alcohol consumption in the same sentence. Simply put, alcohol isn’t a part of your diet. Alcohol is associated with significant health risks, and depending on your DNA, you may be at risk of addiction. Research by the World Health Organization indicated that there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption. Regardless of your DNA, even low alcohol levels can cause long-term health effects such as cancer, heart disease, liver damage, or mental illness. You should know your family’s history with substance abuse to give yourself a greater chance at success. You can learn more about yourself at myDNA, once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can customize your diet plan exactly to your body type and how you were engineered to process foods. While doing this at the DNA level may sound extreme for a diet, it’s an incredible way to learn about yourself from the inside out.

Develop a Routine to Cook More

Nutritionists assert that the best way to know what is in your food is to cook it yourself. Moreover, you will be primed to control the portion sizes. Overall, people who serve themselves tend to eat less, which is healthy. Additionally, developing a cooking routine will help you eat your meals almost at the same time every day. This practice is good for your health, especially for those trying to lose weight using an intermittent fasting strategy.

Don’t Starve Yourself

You probably know how this goes down. Perhaps you are busy all afternoon trying to work or meet deadlines. But regardless of what is distracting you, you will look at the clock and realize it is already 3:00 P.M. At this point, you are likely to give in to the very cravings you are pledging to avoid. Hence, you will be tempted to stress-eat or grab a quick bite through the drive-through, and neither option is healthy. However, you can have your day planned and meals figured out to prevent this from happening.

Stick With It

You gotta give yourself a chance to succeed, and part of that is sticking with it. It’s easy to quit, which is why so many people do. Give this life-changing idea everything you have, and find joy in the rewards. Healthy eating is easier said than done. But adopting healthy eating habits is worth the trouble. If nurtured well, these habits will stick with you for a long time and keep you healthy as you approach your golden years.