Here are 5 Crucial Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy

Here are 5 Crucial Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the standard medical interventions Pavel Muradov MD recommends for most musculoskeletal disorders. The alternative has proven safe and effective in managing conditions or post-surgical rehabilitation. The role and benefits of physical therapy on restoring, maintaining, and encouraging ideal physical function cannot be underestimated. You might benefit from physical therapy to help you recover from tendon, cartilage, or ligament damage. If you are recovering from orthopedic surgery, chronic pain condition, dislocations, or fractures, you might also gain from physical therapy. Here are specific ways to gain from physical therapy.

Return to Activity

You might receive several treatments once you experience an injury, but physical therapy is crucial to help you gradually get back to your activities as you recover. If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you will need to work with a physical therapist before you embark on your activity level as before your injury. Your provider will work with you considering your material requirements and the healing process to customize a plan to get you moving as soon as possible. You will learn to adapt gradually to activities through physical therapy, avoiding complications when you try to get back to your activities without treatment.

Relieve Pain

Physical therapy itself is a remedy for pain, especially if the cause of your pain is not specific. Pain can significantly affect the quality of your life, and you surely do not wish to be in pain. But physical therapy can utilize joint and soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and other techniques to address acute and chronic pain. Additionally, your therapist will also teach you self-care tips to help yourself avoid pain in the future.

Avoid Surgery

Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery when you are experiencing impairment or pain that can require surgery. Although surgery is sometimes unavoidable and necessary, physical therapy can turn things around by providing relief that eliminates the need for surgery. In most musculoskeletal injuries, physical therapy can be employed as the first line of treatment, which can help avoid surgery if relief is achieved. Even in situations where physical therapy fails to prevent surgery, it improves postoperative outcomes.

Improve Balance and Mobility

Physical therapy is critical, especially as you advance in age. Many older adults are at risk of falls and other balance complications due to ligaments and muscles’ natural wear and tear. While that can lower the quality of life, consistent physical therapy can reduce such risks for adults over 65. If you are in such an age bracket, your physical therapist will evaluate your health needs and work with you to design a custom plan to boost your strength, balance, and mobility.

Prevent Injuries

Physical therapy can keep you generally fit. This means that rather than improving pain after an injury, you can avoid the damage by identifying your areas of weaknesses and poor mobility that leaves you susceptible to damages to strengthen them through different techniques. Although some injuries are unavoidable, preventative efforts are worth it.

If you need physical therapy, reach out to Integrity Orthopedics for advice. It would help if you had your condition evaluated and your needs assessed to estimate how you gain from the treatment.