Hi Vis Clothing – How to Look Smart and Be Safe at the Same Time

Hi Vis Clothing – How to Look Smart and Be Safe at the Same Time

Hi-vis clothing isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think about fashion or formal wear. You may think about a hi-vis waistcoat that you see construction workers wear but it’s not something you’d put on for an event or to visit a client.

But you’d be surprised to know that there are other types of fashionable hi-vis clothing. For example, some companies are now using hi vis polo shirts as their preferred safety attire. You should too if you want to look fashionable and be safe at the same time.

Do you need hi vis clothing for your company but don’t want to compromise on presentability? Read on to find out more about hi vis clothing and if you can make this type of attire look more appropriate for corporate wear.

What is Hi Vis Clothing?

Hi visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is a type of clothing that certain workers wear to improve their visibility, especially in low light conditions. The apparel is made with highly luminescent fabric and can be seen easily regardless of the background. Light bounces off the reflective material to make it more visible.

The Purpose of Hi Vis Clothing

The reason why people wear hi vis clothing is to provide extra safety. Hi vis clothing has proven to prevent fatalities in high-risk environments such as construction or mining sites. Furthermore, your hi vis clothing must meet Australian standards especially if you’re working in dangerous areas.

To comply with Australian safety standards your hi vis attire must have the following:

  • Have approved hi vis material encircling the upper torso.
  • Standard colours are orange-red, yellow, orange and red.
  • The fluorescent fabric should cover 0.4m2 of the upper torso.
  • Logos must not be included in the 0.4m2 area.

Which Workers Wear Hi Vis Clothing?

Many industries require hi visibility clothing such as:

  • Construction workers
  • Policemen
  • Miners
  • Traffic officers
  • Gas and electric industries
  • Plumbers
  • Railway workers
  • Airport staff
  • Warehouse workers
  • Lifeguards

People in the sports industry also wear hi visibility attire. Cyclists wear luminescent clothing so that drivers and pedestrians can see them on the road. Runners also wear reflective clothing especially when they’re jogging at night.

Can Hi Vis Clothing Be Fashionable?

Hi visibility fabrics are bright and almost neon so you may be wondering whether this type of attire could ever be fashionable. Reflective clothing has changed over the years so you have more choices when it comes to selecting uniforms for your staff.

You no longer need thick neon yellow jackets or overalls because there are other types of hi vis clothing that work well for corporate wear. If you choose the correct type of reflective clothing you can make your outfits look more appropriate. Take a look at the section below for some fashion advice.

How to Look Smart in Hi Vis Clothing

Perhaps you want your construction projects manager to look more presentable when visiting sites and clients. Or maybe you want your airport staff to look neat while working near planes. Use the following tips if you want your staff to look more presentable in their hi vis safety attire.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts with Chinos/Skirts

Hi vis polo shirts come in a variety of colours that meet Australian safety standards. Or you can choose a two-toned shirt for a unique look. Reflective polo shirts are collared and go well with a smart pair of beige or navy chinos for men.

For female staff members, hi vis polo shirts will go well with black skirts or slacks. The advantage of hi vis shirts is that they’re lightweight and breathable so they’re comfortable to wear on hot days. What’s more, you can get long-sleeved shirts that go well with jeans.

Lightweight Hi Vis Vests With Jeans

Hi vis vests can look untidy because they simply hang down straight around the waist area. If you want your hi vis vests to look more presentable then get them custom fitted for each employee. You could have the vests made similar to waistcoats.

Additionally, you could choose hi vis vests that zip up as opposed to the traditional Velcro straps. Reflective vests pair well with light blue jeans.

Accessorise with Hi Vis Hats and Jewellery

A smart hi vis cap is the ideal accessory to wear with your uniform, especially if you work outdoors. Or, you could wear hi vis jewellery but this isn’t offered at most stores. You could find hi vis jewellery online through platforms such as Etsy.

Final Thoughts

The style of hi vis clothing has changed over the years and has become more fashionable. Some people even wear hi vis overalls as a fashion statement. Dancers may wear overalls on stage because the reflective material may look appealing under bright lights.

On the other hand, fashionable hi vis attire has made it easier for companies to provide neat and presentable safety wear to workers. Use the tips in this article to help you put together fashionable uniforms for your employees.