Home In Italy For Only 100 Bucks!

Home In Italy For Only 100 Bucks!

Home In Italy For Only 100 Bucks! Any country in Europe is a dream destination for everyone. What if you have a home in such a country?

It may seem incongruous. Because of the money, you have to buy a home in such a country. But, the exception is Italy. According to a recent US media CNN report, you can own a home in the country for just one euro or about a hundred bucks. Home In Italy For Only 100 Bucks!

Originally in search of a living, Italian residents are leaving the countryside and moving to the city. The Italian government has undertaken such an initiative to rebuild the abandoned homes of those residents and make them habitable.

You have to go through a process when you get to take homes. Apart from the condition of living there, there are conditions for renovating the houses.

If anyone in Italy who can advise you on this is very good. Otherwise, the city’s official website will have to take the application form.

The main process will begin if your application is appropriate to the city authority.

You must pay a security deposit. The field typically ranges from two to five thousand euros. It will also have to promise to rebuild the property within three years. Then you will get your security deposit money after renovation and home purchase documents. Home In Italy For Only 100 Bucks!

Here’s a list of possible places you can find your home.


Ganzi, in Sicily, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Like the snail, the first one-euro home sale began in 20 of those areas, and the venture has been the most successful so far.

There are still about 4 homes that will be sold.

These old houses, known as ‘Pagliarol’, are two-storeyed. They were made for peasant families in the 5th century. Underneath it was kept livestock and the farmer’s family lived in the barn.

It is said that the Holy Spirit appeared in two places in Europe. This area is one of them.


Ollolai is located in the wooded mountainous region of Sardinia Barbier. The houses here are made of gray granite stone.

The clear and smokeless air and unmatched nature here will keep your mind buzzing all the time. In the autumn, there is a festival called ‘Cortés Appertus’ or ‘open courtyard’. Which is open to everyone.

The mayor of the city, Efcio Arbau, said that so far 5 houses have been sold in the city. In which a Dutch couple transformed a house into a luxury home.


Sicilian city bivouac. There are many other benefits, including income tax exemption, for the people living here.

The soil here is quite fertile. There is a festival called ‘Bis-Bona’ or ‘Double Good / Beautiful’. The orange gardens, the peach trees, the Arabian culture, and religious festivals are enough to attract new residents.

Town Councilor Angela Cannizzaro said there are now ten homes vacant. More homes will be sold in the front.


Cammarata offers a lot of opportunities to buy a home. The houses here are free. In addition, a thousand euro bonus has been announced for the newborn.

The locals here are very hospitable. This city is known for its citizens’ longevity.

Till now there are about a dozen houses vacant. Only two have been sold.

The jungle

The jungles near the coast of Naples and Amalfi. At the top of the hill, the town is a cave and a labyrinth of paved streets.

Recently, the area has undergone various changes, including new footpaths, LED lights, Wi-Fi connections.

So far 4 houses have been sold here. Mayor Paulo Caruso said more homes will be offered for sale from this month.


Borgomezvale is located on the Italy-Switzerland border. You can buy a house here for one euro. You will get one thousand euros for every newborn and two thousand euros if you want to start a business.

The total number of inhabitants here is only 120.

So far, five homes have been sold here. It was purchased by an Italian and a group of monks.


Sambuca is one of the most demanding areas in the announcement of the sale of a home by the Italian government. The demand is so high that the local authorities have decided to sell 5 houses at auction. In the beginning, only one home was sold for one euro.


Nuvi is located near the best beaches in Sardinia. There is a sacred stone well here. Where the ancient tribes sacrificed to the gods of water.

Local councilor Luigi Kakkurdu said there are now nine homes for sale. They will go on sale soon. However, once the old residents leave their homes, the process will start selling again.


The ancient Romans had military installations at Cantiয়o.

Farms allotted for sale in the region for one euro are already finished. However, some of the old historic buildings can still be found.

Fabric de Vergamolli

This city is a UNESCO-listed protected forest. Here some homes that are isolated, haunted and destroyed – will be sold.

Mayor Michelle Giannini said only eight farms have been sold since the start of the year. However, people in China, Russia, and even Brazil have applied to buy a home here.

Being a less developed area, investors can get up to 5% of the cost of rebuilding from the European Union.


In the Sicilian city of Mussomeli, one hundred euro homes have been sold. 3 more are still unsold.