How can a divorce lawyer help in domestic violence cases?

How can a divorce lawyer help in domestic violence cases?

There is no worse nightmare than being in an abusive household. However, disputes in families are very normal but you will need the intervention of external help when things go out of hand. If you are in such a situation it is highly suggested that you contact a Huntsville divorce lawyer. The reasons behind doing so are discussed in this blog.

A divorce lawyer will determine the severity of the case

A person goes to a lawyer after a long tiring effort to make things alright. When you reach the lawyer they will listen to your side of the story and send a legal notice to your spouse telling them to stay away. If you are being physically harmed then the lawyer will request the court to issue a restraining order. 

Evaluates whether the abusive partner needs therapy

Abuses come from a mental illness or might be the result of addiction. When you will go to a lawyer, they will evaluate your situation and suggest you some remedies that will help you to retain your marriage. They can send your spouse to a rehabilitation center or the needed therapies. 

Legal ways to keep the abuser away from you

As mentioned earlier, the lawyer will help in issuing a restraining order. The restraining order will keep the abuser away and suggest not to come at a certain distance near the victim. They will also be barred from calling or making any kind of contact with the victim. 

Questions that the divorce lawyer might ask you

You need to be utterly honest with your lawyer so that they can understand your situation and do what will help you the most. Prepare yourself to answer these questions honestly:

  • How much toll is the violence taking on you?
  • Have you been physically hurt? How bad?
  • How is the situation at your home? Is it too disturbing to live in the house any longer?
  • If the abuser was served any legal notice to stop the action? 
  • Did the abuser stop the actions after being served the notice?


Once you have found the perfect lawyer for you, be assured that you will be protected and given a chance to start afresh. It is in your hand you can continue the relationship after the rehabilitation or want to end it. Whatever your decision is, a lawyer will help you.