How Can I Make My Face Skin Tighter?

How Can I Make My Face Skin Tighter?

Our faces tell a lot of things about us. The different features embedded in our face make us stand out. Those features also include wrinkles. While they tell about the lifetime of experience accumulated by us, they make us look more worn down. That’s why many people seek to lessen them in any way possible. They also just want to tighten their skin at the same time.

Tighten Facial Skin – Surgical & Non-surgical Way

There are two ways to achieve a face with a tighter skin. In the surgical method, perhaps the surgical procedure known as facelift is the most obvious way to proceed on. Facelift involves having excess skin removed from your facial area. It does actually work and that too also in a very nice way. But it is still an extensive surgery.

There is one other path for people who don’t want to undergo surgery. For them, laser/ ultrasonic based treatment is the best solution for this problem. In this technique, the fat cells turn into liquid from the application of targeted ultrasonic lasers.

Many might propose that you do specific exercises in order to achieve the very same result. But that seldom works as there are a lot of things involved. For starters, there’s no specific exercise that can target anything other than a muscle to buff it up.

How Can I Make My Face Skin Tighter?

Prerequisite for Tighter, Better Face

Skin tightening is not something that is suitable for everybody. You shouldn’t opt-in for any of the described path if you have chronic health problems. Besides, it is not very hard to guess that one with skin problems(Upto a certain extent) can’t follow any of the described procedures.

Besides, you should also consult about which method would suit you better. It is hard to say that, only surgical methods or the non-surgical methods are the way for someone in particular.

Surgical Method: Face-Lift

Face-lift is probably the most known procedure for tightening facial skin. This process requires a doctor. The doctor will make small incisions around the face and proceed to pull back different skin, tissue, skin positions.

Face-lift has several disadvantages –

  1. It takes a lot of time for the procedure,
  2. The time for recovery is very high.

So, all that dictates the change of the scenario in surgical facial skin tightening method. The surgical facial skin tightening has generally a longer lasting result. But one should keep the disadvantages in mind and proceed only when he/she can cope with them.

There are several specific cases where this type of method works better. Some people have a distinctive amount of loose skin due to some other surgery. If they are eligible for facial skin tightening, they should probably opt-in for surgical facial skin tightening.

Non-surgical Method: Ultrasound & Laser

Non-surgical methods don’t involve any kind of surgery. One won’t feel any pain during this kind of surgery. But it is not without it’s caveat. Generally, the result from the application of any non-surgical method isn’t that long lasting.

There are several techniques that are used in non-surgical facial skin tightening methods

In laser skin tightening, the beautiful technology of laser is used for the purpose. It is not painful. So, one doesn’t need to rest right after the surgery. The infrared light laser is very powerful. It produces heat when applied on any part of the face. Heat hinders the skin’s production of collagen. It does that through heating up the water inside the tissue. The water, as the result of the application of heat, just vaporises.

The similar member of this technique is the ultrasound facial skin tightening. The working of this technique is also quite similar with that of laser therapy. But there’s some fundamental difference. In ultrasound based skin tightening therapy, the technology that is used is mostly sound waves. The ultrasonic wave is very powerful, but it doesn’t cause any pain at all. It actually travels beneath the skin, turning the excess fat in the cell into liquid. Then the liquid fat is excreted with body waste or sweats. Unlike laser treatment, the ultrasound treatment has a downtime.

Suggestions to Follow When Taking Any Kind of Skin Tightening Therapy

There are some general suggestions that you can follow to make the treatment’s effect last even longer.

  • Try to apply sunscreen on the particular part of your face daily before taking up the treatment.
  • Take a break before starting to take another kind of treatment if you are currently undergoing one.
  • Always inform your provider about every health and specifically, skin conditions you have.


Everyone is very sensitive about how they look. So, it is nothing to wonder that the demand for this kind of treatment is increasing day by day. If one knows what he/she is looking for and what kind of treatment to take, this process becomes easier.

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