How Can I Reverse the Effects of Age On My Face?

How Can I Reverse the Effects of Age On My Face?

Your appearance matters to you in many ways, not just cosmetic reasons. You could be seeing signs of aging like loose skin on the face and other parts of your body, and this could impact your self-esteem. If you want to revamp your appearance, consider skin tightening in Arlington for your cosmetic needs. Here are some treatments that could drastically change how you look:

Forehead treatment

One of the significant effects of aging is losing volume in the face.  Temporal hollows form on either side of your eyes, and these empty spaces do not do justice to your appearance. Your dermatologist will suggest filling these hollows with dermal fillers to regain a youthful look.

Smoother neck

The neck is another area that needs attention as you age. If you look at elderly persons, you will notice their necks enlarge and protrude, making them have thick cords. These neck muscles are interconnected with your face, which means your neck pulls your face down as you get older. Relaxing these neck muscles is a quick fix that eliminates the unsightly cords and nudges your face upward. However, Botox wears off after three to four months. You will therefore need several rounds of treatment.

Crow’s feet

The fine lines starting from your eyes outward give away your age or even make you appear older than you are. Smokers and people who spend plenty of time in the sunshine are also prone to developing crow’s feet earlier than their time. Botox injections can eliminate these fine lines, leaving you feeling and looking youthful.


The dermatologist will prick the affected parts of your skin to make it look youthful. This process establishes minuscule channels for anti-aging products to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. If you are applying vitamin C serums or other anti-aging products, they will seep through to eliminate the effects of aging. More so, these microscopic injuries spur collagen production and create new elastin to keep the skin taught.

Quick nose job

The nose flattens and widens as one advance in age. Reshape your nose with a hyaluronic acid filler if you wish to look younger. There is a range of options to choose from, such as Juvéderm or Restylane, which deliver amazing results. The dermatologist will inject the acid filler into the dorsum to make your nose thinner. The filler also eliminates imperfections that bother you, such as bumps, and in just a few minutes, your nose will appear much younger and more appealing. 


Your appearance is more than how beautiful your skin looks. Examine your eyebrows and see if they look sparse, similar to hair thinning with age. Micro blading can give you thick eyebrows without undergoing surgery. The dermatologist will use a handheld device to stroke the brow area and fill it with pigment matching natural brows.

If you recently looked at the mirror and did not like your appearance, the chances are that age is catching up with you. These unwanted effects are not permanent; you can reverse or slow them down with nonsurgical interventions. Book a consultation with your trusted plastic surgery specialists.